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24 February 2006

You know you’re hooked on blogs when…

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You audibly gasp at reading that Heather’s dog is missing and finding out what happened is more important than the latest episode of Desperate Housewives.

You can’t help drooling at a description of a chocolate tasting which you found via Boing Boing.

You tell a friend you know someone who works at Yahoo, struggle to remember his name and where you met him, but can recall that he loves Brokeback Mountain. And then you remember, you’ve never met. You just read his blog.

Oh dearie, dearie me…


7 February 2006

Random ramblings

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It's been a strange kind of week. I met a financial expert who is also a stand up comedienne and a horse riding diver who is an expert on Iran. And what did I talk to them about? Blogs and online communities…
I think I'm suffering a bit of information overload actually. I've been reading books and attending courses on job hunting, oh and downloading some podcasts to listen to on the train on the way there. Meantime I'm trying to give my CV an educational slant, cos I know there are some prospects in that area coming up, and trying to get to grips with local government ahead of an interview next week.
So I'm just going to use this post as a bit of a brain dump, so I don't forget where that stuff I like lives…
I love good writing, especially good web/blog writing. Here's a great post "Conversational Writing kicks formal writing's ass" from Creating Passionate Users – one of my favourite blogs.
And I know it's highly unlikely that I'll forget this one, but here's dooce – for when I feel like an episode of life in Salt Lake City from a really humorous writer.
And the one that made me laugh out loud, that I would share with everyone who loves a techy, from the wife of the Microsoft Blogger – Ten Reasons why you should date a Geek.

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