Dancing with a cyberman

It’s been immortalised on Facebook for a week now (if you can immortalise a facebook status update… just imagine biographers of the future trawling through eons of mini-feeds…”Oh look, on August 17, she became a lietenant zombie”). And I’ve told the story to those indulgent enough to listen. Which was the whole point of the thing really, or at least the dancing part. But still, I feel it deserves a small place in my history.

I mean…I danced with a Cyberman!

(Technically he was an Ood as well, but, much as I love the Ood, you just have to go for the headline grabber.)

So here’s the set up. I was invited to the evening reception of a friend’s wedding. And chatting amongst a group of people outside the lovely castle venue, having been introduced to one couple, someone said “You’re the actor aren’t you?”. And the husband of the nice lady in the pink dress agreed he was. And I asked if there’s anything we would have seen him in. To which, with suitable modesty, but obvious pride he replied, “Well I was a cyberman…and an Ood.” And I had to swallow a squeak. “You were an Ood!” (told you I love the Ood), I responded and quickly reminded myself that these were strangers and while my friends may indulge my full blown geekdom, it doesn’t always do to let it show too extravagantly.

Consequently I let so many questions hang in the air, but did learn that yes, David Tennant is very nice, and very professional, and a fantastic actor, and that my new pal Kev the cyberman has a lovely piece of Dr Who memorabilia tucked away for posterity.

So when I saw him later crossing the dance floor – well I just couldn’t let the opportunity slip by and I persuaded him into a boogie. A small moment of joy.