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I’m a writer. I always carry a notebook and a pen, or tap things into my phone that later become poems, short stories or blog posts.

In my working role, I connect business to business through words that inspire and engage. I take technical information and give it a human voice. I also run training sessions to help people improve their business writing skills and better connect with their customers.

I enjoy taking sometimes complex and often dry information and turning it into something that’s entertaining and easy to understand. I did that as a BBC journalist on local radio, television and websites for many years, before making the move into marketing. You can find out more about my professional career on LinkedIn.

As a member of 26, I created and co-edited 26 Under a Northern Sky a collection of stories and poems inspired by the music of Nick Drake and a railway journey between Newcastle upon Tyne and Glasgow. I’ve had my work featured in an exhibition at the Story Museum in Oxford.

I’m also a keen runner and triathlete (that’s swimming, cycling and running, one after another – and no, you don’t stop to dry off). I often write about races and events in the North East of England, including parkrun, the Blaydon Race and the Great North Run.

You can find me on twitter.


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  1. We would love it if you came to visit us at LA22 9SH and I know we have some ‘behind the scenes’ things to show you that will excite you! Let me know when you would like to come and I will arrange for you to meet the Curator (who is a Geordie btw) and maybe a poet or two.

    We also run our own blog site – take a look and see if you would like to contribute. . .


    Comment by Paul Kleian — 27 July 2015 @ 10:45 | Reply

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