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28 June 2012

The day the rains came

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I should have been running a training course in Glasgow today. But yesterday, having very little voice and rather less energy, thanks to a rather stubborn cold, I decided I’d better cancel it. It looks like it may have been the right decision as trains have been stopped on the East Coast line tonight and Newcastle station closed due to flooding.

We stood and watched the black cloud roll over the hill and across towards my workplace. Sheet and forked lightning sparking the distant horizon as the sky grew darker and darker, until the houses disappeared and we were in the heart of the storm. After an impressive rendition of the BBC sound effects CD entitled Frankenstein’s Castle, it swept off swiftly followed by rain of biblical intensity.

Social networks were soon filled with photos of waterfall staircases, exploding manhole covers and a river encroaching on city streets. Lauren Laverne even told us to put our coats on. #newcastleendofdays

My homeward journey, which normally takes about 30 minutes by car took almost 2 hours. And I was one of the lucky ones. With Metros off and people stuck in offices, many were left walking or plodging through the sodden streets.

I’d normally have a wetsuit in the back of the car on a Thursday night. I wonder how they got on at the open water swim session?

I am feeling much better after a frustrating few days with this cold. It’s never been bad enough to keep me off work, but it has put paid to any training. And left me wondering whether or not to start Sunday’s tri. Yet again, I find myself feeling less fit than I would wish.

But on some good advice, I haven’t written it off yet. I may try a gentle run, as per my plan tomorrow. Just a leg loosener, to see how it feels. And if that feels good, then yes, I think I’ll give it a go. But no pressure.


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