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6 December 2011

Battling the niggles

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I haven’t run since I did the double parkrun on 26 November when the post-run pain in the base of my left foot made it obvious that I needed to take some time out to rest and investigate the problem.

Plenty of rolling and some stretching seemed to ease it and I managed all my other training, including a tough PT session that really worked my quads and glutes on Thursday morning. I went for a sports massage on Thursday afternoon. Roz did some intensive treatment on my foot and calves and advised me to ice my foot to help with the inflammation.

So I spent a couple of evenings with an ice pack or rolling a glass bottle full of ice under the arch of my foot. I even took the ice pack to work (well no one can see under my desk and it’s the best chance to catch me sitting down). And it’s definitely improved. In fact, by Friday I was suffering more from post workout aches in my glutes, quads and hips after Thursday’s training.

The work Christmas party on Friday night had me in my sparkly dancing shoes and another chance to wear the beautiful dress my sister chose for me to wear as a bridesmaid at her wedding. I wouldn’t say I’ve put on weight since then, but I’ve probably stretched out across my back and shoulders, so it was a bit of a challenge to zip it up! But it went on and I felt gorgeous in it.

On Saturday we went up to Christmas Farm for a festive feast and had great fun helping get the place ready and decorated for all the organic box scheme customers. I decided not to risk a Sunday run and made do with a swim, spin and body balance class instead.

I’d managed to get an appointment with my podiatrist first thing on Monday. Part of me thought this was overkill as I was confident I was well on my way to sorting out my niggle. But she took a good look at me, watched me bend my knees and honed in on my pelvis which was jinking out of line.

I then spent a good 20 minutes with her elbowing accupressure points around my hips and calves. I wouldn’t have said there was any tightness in either, but boy, she found the tight spots. And she’s given me some stretches to do.

She suggests that speed work may have caused the problem. That changing my gait a little has unbalanced my pelvis and that the problems in my foot is linked to the nerves rather than the muscles. I haven’t been running huge mileage or more sessions. But I had been doing hill and flat sprints with the running club untiil a couple of weeks ago.

She also recommended new trainers (the heels are rather worn and softening up). And thankfully I got some vouchers for my birthday that I can put to good use. I think it may also be time to get a foam roller to massage out the muscles.

I’m glad I went if I’ve managed to treat the source rather than just the symptoms of the problem. I count myself pretty lucky that I haven’t had to struggle through long term injuries and niggles and now is a good time for me to ease back. But my eye remains on the future and if good habits now can keep me running into my 70s, I’ll take that over any amount of pushing myself to breaking point.

I’d like to run at Newcastle’s 100th parkrun on Saturday, but I’ll still be taking it easy if I do. And next weekend I’ve entered a 10k. I already know I won’t be able to blast that out as fast as I would have done a couple of weeks ago. I’ll give it another few days and decide whether it’s sensible to run it at all.


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  1. Take it easy as you want to enjoy your running without all your arms and legs falling off! Go into 2012 running smart! xx


    Comment by Bad Wabbit — 9 December 2011 @ 20:04 | Reply

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