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24 November 2011

Solo run

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I woke early on Tuesday morning. Early enough to get out and run on my own in the half light before breakfast. Quiet. Still. And a delicious coolness that made moving a pleasure.

I haven’t run by myself for a while. And this was a test, to see if I still liked it. If I could still make myself get up, in the dark, in the cooling November and run. I set my Garmin to intervals and headed out on my familiar coastal path.

The peacefulness washed over me, like a glass of water on thirsty lips. No distractions. Just the darkness and the sounds of my feet and breath. Even the sea was silent and still.

My feet felt flat at first, landing heavily. But gradually, gradually I got into the flow. Eight quicker bursts of three minutes each with a minute recovery in between.

I never quite managed the speed I was after. I stopped on the fourth rep, being cautious around a friendly dog. And I ran through a bit of a stitch on another.

But I loved it. The peace. The stillness. The space in my own head. The challenge. The structure. The feeling of having achieved something measurable at the start of my day.

This morning I was up early again for my regular PT session with Ian and trying out some new exercises using a tyre for resistance. It’s always a challenge, always good fun and always a great workout. And it means I’ve clocked up 250 hours of training and racing this year. I’ve enjoyed every minute.

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