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20 November 2011

Fetch tri training day

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I love being invited to these. I’ve been looking forward to this day almost as much as my birthday weekend.

And, sure a couple of hours drive either way is a long way to go for a bit of training, but it’s more than worth it for a Lesley hug, cake and fab company.

The miles ticked by very smoothly in my new car and I remembered where I’d taken a wrong turn last time, so the journey was really no bother. And it was quickly a whirl of birthday wishes and Jed and Finn snuggles and more importantly my first chance to meet Al, Lesley’s son and another superstar triathlete.

Zuzi and Lucy soon arrived and after a bit of kit and bike faffage (including dealing with my very flat tyres) we were soon ready to hit the bikes and cycle to the pool. Not before a team photo though.

The lovely quiet country roads made cycling a breeze. And the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I am loving this late autumn mildness for training. A bit of chat as we cycled along, just feeling happy and alive and enjoying being out on the bike again.

We made quite a bike puzzle at the pool, locked in and secured up. And although the busy pool meant it was hard to string more than a couple of lengths together at a time, I still got a decent swim in. And Zuzi gave me some great swimming tips.

I’ve spent so long just trying to get my breathing right I’ve picked up some bad habits, like crossing my arms over. And I could tell I’ve not swum in a while as I was rushing, not relaxing through the strokes and holding my breath instead of breathing out under water. I’m sure it will come back again, and now I have to work on my arm placement.

Zuzi leant me her pull buoy and that was a weird sensation, swimming without using my legs. I’ll have to add one of those and a kick board to my Christmas list. Hopefully they will help improve my swimming now I’m more confident about covering the distance I’ll need for tris next year.

All swum out, we grabbed a quick snack and were soon back on the bikes for the long route back. I was taking it steady as I really don’t feel bike fit, but a couple of times it was great to get the speed up on a downhill or a flat. The carbon bikes soon showed their performance advantage though. And Lucy did a fantastic job, powering up the hills stuck in the big ring, when I was down to the lowest gear I could manage and still struggling.

I’d had a couple of quick blasts of speed and tested my mettle getting down and tucked on the downhills. But towards the end I really started to get niggles in my back. Not sure if it was the backpack weighed down with my bike lock, or just the effects of my longest bike ride to date on the back of a training session that had me dragging a tyre along the sands.

Gallantly, Al dropped back to ride with me as I eased up. He has the souped up version of my bike, so we were well matched. I just hope to have the skill and fitness to do my bike justice one day. I still feel like it’s a lot better than I am.

I was really grateful to see the Marshall’s home at last and a bit doubtful of whether I would make it bingo and manage the run. But as soon as I stood up straight and lost the back pack I was fine again. A couple of stretches and a Garmin reset and we were off again for a wee run.

Little steps little steps to ease the bike ride out of leaden calves. And my first time running with Lesley! It was lovely. Just a nice easy pace at first and then we seemed to pick up and up without really feeling it. We went from 09:30 min mile pace to almost 08:00 min mile pace in around 2.4 miles. But out on the country roads with the sun setting and the microlights buzzing over, it felt like an easy run.

Spotting the house in the near distance, I stepped it up a gear and went for a bit of a sprint finish, with Al giving me something to chase. Great fun! And the best bit was knowing a feast of soup, tiger bread and cakes awaited us indoors.

Zuzi and Bob (Lesley’s husband) did us proud and the food was soon hoovered up by the hungry triathletes. Lots more talk of races done and planned for the future and daft friends who couldn’t make it. And all too soon it was time to go.

I had the very best of days. Being outside, enjoying the scenery, being active and wearing myself out with training and talking. Learning some swim tips and doing my first chain gang cycle. I love my bike (have I mentioned that?). But most of all I enjoy having the very best of friends. Those it doesn’t matter how often you see, you pick up exactly where you left off.

All triathlon disciplines covered and bags more hours training for the 365 hours thread!

Big thank you to Lesley for a brilliant day .

Bike Total 22.89 miles in 1:47:23
Swim: 750m 39.27
Run 2.44 miles 21.04
Cake: jaffa, fruit, chocolate and vanilla sponge, chocolate brownie

Today has been very much more sedate. A lie in and then out for lunch with our friends from the farm, Lee and Beth.

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