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12 November 2011

Birthday recipe

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Take one runner. Add cards and parcels to open. Delight with books, things that smell nice and a special sparkly something that evokes memories of another very happy day. Feed with porridge, banana, blueberries and honey and get set for parkrun.

Ensure the sun is shining, the wind is not too brisk and gather a crowd of smiling faces on Newcastle Town Moor. Deliver unexpected visitors, cards, gifts and birthday kisses. Dress in a vast green 30 min pacer shirt, then embarrass over the megaphone.

Set off on a 5k run with Sue keeping an honest 6 min/km pace. Then go read her blog.  Run for a while with a bright young chap and encourage him to overtake and sprint from the final corner. Pace at least two runners to a PB. Finish with cake.

Transport home to a warm shower and a thorough testing of lotions and potions. Read messages and emails from lovely people with more warm wishes.

Dress up smart, wear something sparkly and zip up boots. Drive to v posh hotel.

Sit down to afternoon tea with lovely running buddies who you’ve only met in the last couple of years, but who feel like lifelong friends. Talk about running, cycling and the value of good friends. Try desperately to finish off a cake stand full of sandwiches (crusts cut off), scones and cakes. Fail and resort to doggy bag.

Drive home after more birthday hugs and smiles. Park up and watch the firework display on the beach :-)

An absolutely splendid birthday that turned out even better than I expected. Presents are always nice and appreciated, but there are things of greater value that money cannot buy. Good friends and happy times are treasures that last.

Thank you everyone. I have very much enjoyed sharing today with you xxx

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