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3 November 2011

You know you’re a runner when…

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You get nipped on the ankle by a yapping dog.

I was heading out for a run on Monday lunchtime when a couple of loose terrier dogs came out yapping and barking. I stopped running and tried to move away from them, but one nipped my ankle. I thought it was a play nip, but it did draw blood. So, run over.

Luckily I was close to work where we are well looked after by our security team. So I went straight back and got cleaned up and a dressing on, while they reported the incident to the police and dog wardens.

Although it was a relatively minor bite, I was advised to get it checked out, so I spent the rest of the afternoon at my local A&E who patched me up and sent me home with some antibiotics and a bandage that was going to make showering interesting.

Unfortunately after a day on the drugs, I felt rather sick and sleepy. My stomach was sloshing around rather alarmingly and every breath was magnified by an intense heartburn. I even had to make myself eat my tea. And you know i’m not right when I’m off my food.

After a bad night, I had to take the day off work to recover. It seems antibiotics don’t really agree with me.

I’m fortunate that it wasn’t a bad bite and my workplace is very understanding. And I am feeling  a whole lot better today. So I shall just take it easy for a few more days and chalk this one up as another daft story in the Scribbler’s book of tales.

Only I could get bitten on Halloween.


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  1. Get well soon. Sometimes the odd few days off can do you good. Hope you are back on your feet soon.


    Comment by scrib64 — 4 November 2011 @ 08:29 | Reply

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