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27 September 2011

Bella Roma day four – ciao bella

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Chillies on a market stall

Fresh, local food at the market

Our last day at leisure in Rome and we make our way to the market at Campo de’ Fiori. Fresh bright produce tempts the eye and taste buds, a fusion of colour and smells. Red tomatoes, peppers and chillies set off by courgettes, romanescu cauliflower and bunches of basil, as peaches nestle in between the mushrooms and salad leaves. We would eat like emperors here.

We stop at the nearby Caffè Sant’Eustachio, which has been serving espresso since 1938. Gary says it’s the best he’s ever tasted.

From the market we go to the national museum, which surrounds a square designed by Michelangelo. After some messing around depositing our bags and trying to juggle maps and cameras, we begin to explore the maze of the museum.

The most impressive objects are the Roman statues and figures, then the plaques and signs that would have adorned the streets of this ancient city. Memories of school day Latin come haltingly back. It would have been much more fun deciphering these stones than reading text books.

The museum also houses art and sculpture from later times. But we grow weary of treasures and history and the confusing layout and finish rather hot and tired.

A return to yesterday’s lunch spot revives us. We’re recognised and welcomed and offered the dish of the day which proves to be mussels and clams and absolutely hits the spot.

A more relaxed afternoon of wandering back through the streets before we head out for our final pizza and say an evening farewell to this wonderful, friendly city.

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