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26 August 2011


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On Wednesday night I dashed home from work dodging the rain showers, stopping off to pick up a load of cupcakes from Erika ready for my charity cake sale at work the next day. Erika had done her usual fabulous job despite only just coming out of hospital that day after a very painful sounding operation.

After a sweaty boxercise session at the gym, I came home and got to work in the kitchen, finishing off my offerings of brownies, cookies and cakes. Sticky with icing, on a sugar high, I finally stumbled into bed just after 11pm and not surprisingly, had trouble winding down.

When my eager body clock bounced me awake at 5am before my early alarm call, I figured I’d just go with it and prepare myself for a crash later in the day. But I survived, even after Ian threw a tough training session at me on the beach in the rain. I think that’s my wettest training session ever, including the one where the sea almost swept me away. I dislodged a small beach from my hair into the shower tray.

cakes for sale

A feast of treats

Madcap, manic mayhem was the order of the rest of the day as I piled a spare desk at work with cakes and goodies. Thankfully, some of my more artistically minded colleagues helped out and there were some gorgeous looking creations from Lisa and Kathryn.

The smell was amazing and by the time of the morning coffee run most of my team had been past to reserve their favourites.

At lunchtime I took a tray of tempting treats down to the central area where people eat their lunches and sold dozens more cakes, my plastic donation tub rattling with pound coins. And at 3pm I trawled our IS floor. Nothing like a bunch of hungry geeks to boost sales!

It was tiring, but fun. One of the advantages of working in a large workplace means I have plenty of potential customers. And people were amazingly kind, generous and hungry. When I totted up the donations at the end of the day I’d made £138 for my charity, Sands. That takes me well over my target for Great North Run fundraising.


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