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1 August 2011

July round up and a sunny brick

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A week’s holiday and recovering from my injured finger meant a reduced volume of training this month. But here are the scores on the doors:

Swim 0.7 miles 36 mins (just one session this month)
Bike 65 miles 4:42:00
Run 59 miles 9:27:00
X-train 6:20:00

That includes 3 races, including the fabulous Northumberland Coastal Run.

Today I did my longest ever brick session. I started off with the clipped in pedals and shoes, just heading out intending to get my confidence back and clipping in and out. My wobble came when I decided to stop at some traffic lights and cross the road. I think the combination of stopping and thinking where to go next was too much for my brain and I uncoupled with the left foot and fell over on the right!

Once again, not a bad fall, just a silly one. The bike’s going for its check up tomorrow, so I hope they can fix that and change my pedals over too.

I carried on a bit further and noticed my front tyre was getting a bit soft, so I stopped to put some air in. I struggled with the pump and valve. Sorry if that sounds dim, but I really am mechanically clueless. I seemed to be letting more out than putting it in. Thankfully a group of driving instructors out for a bike ride gave me a hand and got me on my way again.

I decided to turn back for home, where I’d set up a transition in my hallway. But instead of going straight back out for a run, I swapped my bike shoes for my trainers and hopped back on the bike for another 10k. I was much happier with my feet free, feeling more relaxed and consequently faster.

Bike done for the day, I racked up again, ditched the helmet and headed out for a 5k run. It was tough in the heat, but I kept the pace steady and reminded myself that I was just training. There were loads of runners and cyclists out , enjoying the sunshine and saying a cheery hello. It was a good session, and a fine way to spend a Sunday morning.

Next weekend it’s my third and final tri of the year. I’m feeling a bit less well prepared than I was for my first. But it’s all about having fun, and racing with some friends. And after that, I’m actually looking forward to some long runs in preparation for the Great North Run.


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