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22 July 2011

Total body ache

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How I’ve missed you. And my little kettlebell palm blisters.

Okay, so I wasn’t laughing as I started to feel the effects of my early morning PT session on the beach while stretching before bedtime last night. But I do welcome the aches as a sign that I’ve worked hard and I’m getting stronger.

The tide was coming in on Thursday morning, chasing me onto the soft sand, just to make things a bit more challenging. And then, towards the end of the session, a rogue wave caught me unawares, drenching my trainers and leaving me with an embarrassing wet patch. Who says working with a personal trainer is glamorous?

I love these sessions – never two the same. I just get on and get through whatever Ian throws at me. We’ve been sand-blasted, rained on, investigated by curious dogs (and people), but mostly it’s just a great chance to make the most of an empty beach and to start the day with the endorphine buzz of exercise before most people have got out of bed. The time flies by too quickly.

It’s only when I stop to think about it, that I smile to myself at how far I’ve come. Exercises I could barely do when I started are now a regular part of my routine. My balance has improved a lot. And Ian keeps in challenging me with something new.

Harder to measure perhaps, other than counting more reps or tackling heavier weights, but for me it’s always been about all-round fitness, rather than just training for one specific sport. And while my legs get a hammering to make them strong for running, my arms, shoulders, back and core muscles aren’t left out.

I’ve never turned up feeling like I couldn’t be bothered or wasn’t in the mood. I’ve been beaten by something a few times, but always got there eventually. And I firmly believe the strength training has helped me avoid many running niggles and injuries.


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