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19 June 2011

Clip on, clip off…

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Whenever I’ve had a moment at home this week, I’ve been practising getting my shoes in and out of the pedals of my lovely new bike. As you would expect from little Miss Clumsy, there were some comedy moments. I did have to unvelcro my shoe to get my foot out and was reaching for the allen key to remove the cleats to detach it from the pedal, when it finally popped out.

Figuring I had to do it sooner or later, I plucked up the courage to try it on the move, cycling up and down the back lane behind my house, clipping in and clipping out. Result = one slightly bashed knee, but no major damage.

After a really enjoyable Saturday parkrun, running with Penny, I realised I don’t always have to push the limits even on a short run to enjoy it. The scheduled 5k turned into 10 when I decided on the spur of the moment to do another lap with the volunteers, finishing with a verse of Happy Birthday for Rob.

The confidence of the double run, chatting with my running buddies and a bit more time getting to know my bike convinced me to get out and and go for it today. And as the plan said ‘brick’, I set up a mini transition in my hallway, and set off into the brave new world of the clipped in pedaller.

Keeping it simple, out along the coastal route. Just a flat out and back, with the aim of seeing where I got to at 10km and making that the half way point. I kept it steady, eyes on the road, taking heed of the traffic, trying to make sure I gave myself as much time as I could to slow down and unclip for traffic lights and other hazards.

Petrified of potholes. Cursing the crumbling tarmac, I remembered on off road track that I’d found on my previous cycle adventures, but couldn’t remember if it was suitable for road bikes. The tarmac strip along the sand dunes was perfect, although I still had to keep my wits about me to avoid the walkers, runners, dogs and kids on scooters.

I was enjoying the freedom and the sense of speed and wanted to just keep going, to see how far the path would take me. But the half way beep brought me back to reality.

More confident? More downhill, More tailwind? Whatever the reason, I sailed back through the return journey, finding my way through the gears with ease and spending more time on the big ring. Nowhere near pushing my limits, just enjoying the ride and getting the feel of this wonderful machine.

Almost home and a chance to stop, hop off and practise a running transition up my street in my bike shoes. My calves threatened to cramp up, so I gave them a good old stamp as I racked my bike, ditched my helmet and jacket and eased into my trainers. By no means a speedy transition, but I didn’t hang around either.

Off again and out for the run. And that feeling of being dead legged and slow. I promised myself that if my legs really hurt I would cut the run short. After all, I’d done more than I planned yesterday. But I wanted to get at least a kilometre in and after that, I found I eased into it a little more. A bit of a niggle near my left knee (near where I bashed it) and a tightness in my right glute, but nothing that really yelled at me to stop.

It still felt hard work. I still felt slow. But a glimpse at my watch showed me 8:30min/mile pace, so I wasn’t and I stuck with it through to 5k.

As I ran I kept in my mind 3 miles. I know I can run 3 miles on tired legs. I’ve done it in two triathlons now and a few times in training. When it comes to September and the Great North Run those 3 miles could be very important.

Stats and stuff:

Bike: 13.24 miles 59:41
1) – 1m – 4:41(4:41/m) – 36cal
2) – 1m – 4:44(4:44/m) – 33cal
3) – 1m – 4:43(4:43/m) – 38cal
4) – 1m – 4:39(4:39/m) – 40cal
5) – 1m – 4:51(4:51/m) – 26cal
6) – 1m – 4:36(4:36/m) – 33cal
7) – 1m – 4:50(4:50/m) – 33cal
8 ) – 1m – 4:44(4:44/m) – 39cal
9) – 1m – 4:48(4:48/m) – 35cal
10) – 1m – 3:34(3:34/m) – 34cal
11) – 1m – 3:52(3:52/m) – 38cal
12) – 1m – 4:47(4:47/m) – 40cal
13) – 1m – 3:51(3:51/m) – 36cal
14) – 0.23m – 1:02(4:27/m) – 10cal

5k 26:40
1) – 0.62m – 5:12(8:23/m) – 64cal
2) – 0.62m – 5:20(8:34/m) – 65cal
3) – 0.62m – 5:24(8:42/m) – 64cal
4) – 0.62m – 5:29(8:49/m) – 65cal
5) – 0.62m – 5:09(8:17/m) – 64cal



  1. Good for you! Keep practicing (says the man who has avoided clip in’s)


    Comment by Pete — 19 June 2011 @ 18:20 | Reply

    • Pete – if I can get the hang of clip ins without breaking my neck, or more importantly damaging my bike, anyone can. Not compulsory I guess, but anything that saves my legs for the run in a triathlon has to be a good thing.


      Comment by The Scribbler — 19 June 2011 @ 18:25 | Reply

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