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16 June 2011

Welcoming the aches

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My forearms beg me not to turn the corner too sharply as I drive home and chide me for no longer driving a car with power steering. They are pumped as though I’d spent the day dangling from a rope on a tricky overhang. My shoulders creak as I change out of my work shirt, protesting at the tricky manoeuvre of raising my arms above my head.

My legs? Well they’re used to this kind of treatment, so they’re staying quiet at the moment. They’ve learned that nothing they say will make much of a difference anyway and they may as well just get on with it. But they remind me that they’ve not been idle today as I climb the stairs.

Most weekdays I get up around 6am. Today I have to make it a little earlier. The fine early morning mizzle turns to showers, plastering my hair to my head with a nice mixture of sand and water on the beach.

The shore is deserted, quiet. A lone seabird bobbing on the waves as the tide retreats from our marker on the sand. A series of simple motions, stretching, pushing, bending, jumping. Patterns and repeats then a rest and a chance to grab a gulp of water.

I lift nothing heavier than a ball. Move nothing more than my own body weight. But I’m glad of the rain keeping me cool. In that precious rest time, we compare notes, strategies, what’s working and why. Set our eyes on the goals.

Workout over and a return to reality. Up the slope to tackle the rest of a day whose patterns and rhythms are not always of my making. The physical efforts are at the other end of the scale. But sitting static and confined is far more wearing than the freedom of my morning’s exercise.

Tasks of the day done and my thoughts return to that early rising. To the rain and the effort. To the waves and the quiet reassurance of something well done. I’d do it all over again tomorrow if I could.


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