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10 May 2011

Post triathlon debrief

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So what did I learn from my second triathlon on Sunday?

I need to sort out my bike. As I was taking it back to the car after the event, Peter asked “Why’s your saddle like that?” “Because it is?” I replied, looking at it for the first time. It’s angled downwards, quite sharply. Everyone elses was flat. I sense this is not a wise option. I am a bike newbie.

It’s also been suggested that this may be the cause of my little ITB niggle noted on this and a previous long cycle ride. A niggle I’m still feeling a little.

So sort out bike. And buy a new one (at some point – not right now, but soonish).

And maybe rethink my relaxed approached to transition. Peter stopped for a chat and a photo as he left the pool and still got through T1 quicker than I did!

I’m still not sure how much to push and how much to hold back, especially on the bike. I didn’t feel like I cycled as hard as I did at Ashington, but that was because I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Was I a bit daunted by a 16 mile ride? You bet. Was I watching those going past on their road bikes thinking I’m working way harder than you for half your speed? Oh yes.

Did I ever think let up a bit and just enjoy it? Plenty of times. Even on the run. And that was part of the fun.

The results appeared on the website today. I was 138 out of 141. Go me!

For a competitive girl, I’m actually really chuffed to be back of the pack. It reminds me of where I’ve come from and reminds me not to get too cocky.

That’s one of the nice things about triathlon. You never feel like you’re back of the pack. In fact I finished way before the winners, because the slowest swimmers went off first. And it was great to be able to see other riders and runners as I took part in my race.

Here are the results further broken down. I was:

  • 32nd lady (out of 34)
  • 2nd in my age category (out of 3)
  • Swim 109
  • Bike 138 (avg 12.5mph
  • Run 108 (8.49 min/mile)

So I guess with a faster bike and a bit more training I could aim to be around 110th next year!

I’m patting myself on the back for:

  • Getting myself and my gear to somewhere new; setting it all up and just going out there and doing it.
  • Being active for 1hr56 mins (including transitions). That’s nearly two hours. Almost the same amount of time as a Great North Run. I haven’t done a lot of long runs yet this year. That’s all to look forward to. And I know cycling’s different from running, but hey, that’s given me a whole heap of confidence. Especially when you consider my longest training session has been around 1hr 30 mins.
  • Completing triathlon number 2, when I was only planning on doing one at the start of the year.

So it’s all good. I’m a happy resting triathlete today. Slightly missing my cross training this week, but I have a 10k race on Wednesday night and I have rather greedily been pushing it after Ashington. I didn’t really give myself much of a break.

On paper I should probably be on for a decent run. But I want to get the balance right between talking myself into or out of a good race. I’ll be racing off the back of triathlon training. I haven’t run 10k since Tuesday 12 April – so it’ll be a month since I last did it. I haven’t run one hard since 03 March.

But it’s my other local 10k. And I know there will be some good support on route. So just like Darlington tri, no expectations, no time targets. Just run and see. And maybe, just maybe, it could all go right. And if it doesn’t, I’ve still got plenty more running in me.


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