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1 May 2011

April round up

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I’ve had the best April. Just look at the stats:

Swim 4.42 km 2h09 6 sessions (including 2 races)
Bike 79km 3h44 4 sessions (including 1 race)
Run 73 km 6h43 14 sessions (including 4 races)
Cross train 7h30 8 sessions

1 sprint triathlon (400m/20k/5k) 1h28
1 aquathlon (500m/5.7k) 43:08

Plus the things that have really made me smile:
2 x parkrun volunteering
1 x Fetchpoint at North Tyneside 10k

That’s a pretty special April by anyone’s standards. Doing my first triathlon (have I mentioned that?) was always going to be special. For me it’s been as much of a journey as doing my first half marathon. To have that and all this other wonderful stuff makes me feel like I’m full of sunshine.

Three years ago on Friday my Nana passed away at the champion age of 92. I don’t usually pay much attention to that date, preferring to remember her on her birthday. But with all the Royal Wedding fuss, it’s been inescapable.

She was a massive influence on me. Actually, I’m only now realising how much. She was important and influential in all her grandchildren’s lives, but I think especially mine, as I was the first and I had her to myself for 7 years until my brother came along.

In her youth she was extremely sporty and was a champion swimmer and diver. She was invited to join a display team for swimming and diving, but her father didn’t approve. One of my favourite photos is of her hurtling down a hill on a bicycle.

It was her small legacy that I used to pay for my first PT sessions, to shake me out of the rut of feeling unhappy in my own skin. Those training sessions lead me to running. And running and training has changed my life all for the better.

I miss her, of course I do. Especially when it comes to things like my triathlon. She’d have absolutely loved to hear about that. And would have been so proud of me – especially swimming in a competition.

But when I think of her, it’s not in a sad way. Rather in a happy way. Happy that I had someone who loved me so much and was such a good influence on me. And happy that influence continues both through the shared genes that keep me fit, strong and able to enjoy all these things I do, and through the path that lead me here, to this place, right now. Strong, fit, happy and surrounded by friends. Filled with sunshine.


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