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12 March 2011

Diary of a wannabe triathlete part 3 – bricked

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I’ve relaxed my training goals a little this week. I can’t really say I’ve eased up on my training, as I’ve still managed to fit a lot in. But I’ve been guided more by how I felt and what I could manage to do, without pushing myself to tick off distances and times.

After my race last Saturday, Sunday should have been a rest day, but feeling out of sorts I took myself for a slow run and then I cycled to the supermarket for supplies. So, when I felt rather tired and more in need of a relaxed evening on Monday, I ditched my swim and took the night off.

Tuesday I worked from home and was looking forward to getting out for a run all day. But when the time came, it was windy, grey and overcast and I felt low on energy. I still ran, but more to enjoy the experience and shake off some of my worries than to match the time and distance on my plan. Generally I prefer to go for quality over quantity when it comes to training. And in this case you could argue that it was a run that was neither one thing or another – not speedy or especially long. But it was an enjoyable run, that made me relax and 45 minutes in the fresh air did me lots of good – including securing an excellent night’s sleep.

Wednesday I tackled Ema’s spinning class again. Boy it’s a toughie and the sprints absolutely kill me. But I survived and hopefully burned off some of the chocolate mood enhancers that have found their way into my diet this week.

Thursday is my regular early morning PT session which I love. I really do look forward to it. It’s always challenging and it’s always a pleasure to work things out with Ian and get answers to any questions I may have about training. I found it very tough this week. I felt low on energy again, but we tackled some pretty hard complexes with the kettlebell and somehow I kept going.  Ian was really encouraging this week, and I knew I’d worked hard, so it really lightened my mood.

I could have swum on Thursday night, but opted to rest again and take a quieter day on Friday. My pilates session showed how hard I’d worked my core on Thursday and gave me a welcome stretch out for my back and shoulders.

Saturday should have been parkrun and I was very sorry to miss the first paced session and seeing my parkrun buddies, but I had other things to deal with in the morning.

Seeing as the weather stayed reasonable in the afternoon, I opted to complete my first official bike to run brick. Kitted up, tyres pumped up, I was soon speeding away on the roads – so much more confident now. At first I thought my friend Al’s advice on making sure my tyres were well inflated was paying off and I even flattered myself that I’d improved a bit as I felt like I was flying. I even tackled a steep hill that had me completely breathless, but still moving.

When I turned back I realised how the wind had been flattering me and now it was in my face, I had to work much harder. Most of the time, I cycled at a comfortable level. Faster than a commute to the shops or a saunter along the coast, but not flat out as fast as my legs would take me. I wanted to leave myself something for the run.

I had a small stop for a slight wardrobe malfunction as I managed to snag my old run tights on my bike frame somehow. And there were a couple of places I had to slow down for traffic lights or walkers on the cycle paths. But I managed just over 15k in 50 minutes.

Back into the house and a slightly longer than planned transistion, as once again I snagged my tights as I was getting off the bike and this time the seam was well and truly ripped. Not wanting to scare the good folks out along the sea front, I dashed upstairs to change into a pair of capris. A five minute transition isn’t really in my triathlon plan. But then again I bet few transitions have three flights of stairs to negotiate.

Suitably dressed, having shed my helmet, jacket and gloves I headed back out for the run. And super triathlete, Lesley was right, it was a lot easier than the first time I tried it. My legs still felt heavy and weird, but not nearly so soft and wibbly.

Once again the pace felt slow compared to the effort. It felt like 5k effort and barely jogging pace. But I told myself to push on, keep going and not to worry. The aim was to complete 5k off the back of a bike session, the time didn’t really matter.

The route is flat and familiar and I piled on, determined just to keep going. As I counted down the kilometres I tried to mount a bit of a push for the last one, but really any increase in speed came down to the last 800m or so. It was so hard. I felt so tired. Like the end of a long run for half marathon training. It was all I could do to keep going to the end, even though I brightened myself up with an attempt at a sprint in the last few yards. I stopped the watch at just under 27 minutes, which is actually a good 5k for me.

And now I’m zonked. Properly worn out and weary in a good way with achey legs that want to do no more than sit and relax and watch TV. And an appetite that’s roving the cupboards for good things to eat. Lots of stretching tonight and probably a swim tomorrow to shake things out a bit.

Make no mistake, this triathlon is going to be hard. The endurance needed for three back to back events will mean I have to dig deep by the time I get to the run. But I’m beginning to believe I can do it. And actually, I might really enjoy it.

Training this week:
Mon: Rest
Tues: 8k run
Weds: Spinning class plus 1 mile treadmill run
Thurs: PT session (kettlebell and whole body workout)
Fri: Pilates
Sat: 15k bike/5k run brick session



  1. I like the “mood enhancers”! I too need to purge them from my diet. Excellent training though, it sounds tough (again!), but you also make it sound so enjoyable (in a strange sort of way!).


    Comment by Sue Tylcoat — 12 March 2011 @ 19:39 | Reply

    • Thanks Sue. I’m a great believer in ‘a little of what you fancy’, but there’s been more than a little this week. Then again, we all have weeks like that. I do enjoy my training, which is why I keep doing it and challenging myself.


      Comment by The Scribbler — 12 March 2011 @ 20:03 | Reply

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