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11 March 2011

Thinking of Japan

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Last night I sat slurping a bowl of noodles in a warming miso broth. And I was transported on a sense memory back to my first trip to Japan and a far superior bowl of noodles and tofu devoured after a freezing cold trip out to see the Kegon waterfalls.

So to wake this morning, and to see the images of the earthquake and tsunami devastating this country where we were made to feel so very welcome, fills my heart with sadness.

To see cars, boats and houses tossed like toys in the eerie encroaching mass of water and debris; the walls of flames; the people standing on the roof of the airport building at Sendai; to hear that the trains in Tokyo have been stopped – seems scarcely credible. It’s like the most extreme Hollywood disaster movie. But it’s very real.

I count myself privileged to have visited Japan twice. It is a country of great contrasts – of beautiful countryside and sprawling neon-lit cities. At all times we were treated as most honoured guests and many Japanese people went out of their way to offer help and make our visits special. I trust and hope that all those we met are safe and well.

We blogged our visits. Our first account is no longer available online, but I may select and repost some of the entries here in coming days to give you a taste of what this incredibly vibrant and culturally rich country has to offer. You can see pictures, video and read about our visit in November 2008 here: Click on November 2008 and then ‘Summary’ under Blog on the right hand side menu to navigate through the entries.

I hope you’ll understand why my thoughts are very much with our Japanese friends today. My slight Japanese does not allow me to express my sympathies for what has happened, but I hope they will understand the sentiment if I say domo, arigato gozaimsu (the most polite form of thank you) for some lifelong memories and unforgettable experiences.

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