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4 March 2011

Warming up for my first 10k of the season

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Just a quick blog before I head off over to the Fylde coast this afternoon. Officially I’m travelling to my first race of the season and the first one that involve a journey over an hour in the car. It just happens to be convenient that I get B&B at my mums and an old friend is hosting an exhibition of her artwork – opening night tonight.

Strange old week this one. I’ve thought of it as a cut back week, as there’s no big bike/run session this weekend. But there is a small matter of a 10k race (flat and in a park = big park run). It’s the week where I started to mix up my training, doing things on different days.

I found swimming on Monday evening tough. One of those sessions that I just had to knuckle on with. That meant I was a bit unsure about my early morning interval session on Tuesday morning – especially as i stepped up the run intervals to 4 mins run 1 min recovery and ran 1 more rep than the last session. But I survived, and actually enjoyed running back into the pink sunrise of a spring morning. Next time I think I could push a little more on the run reps, but all in all a solid session.

That left a fun session at boxercise on Wednesday night. And a big smile as one of the tracks was something I last heard in the car on the way to my sister’s wedding. And then a really tough session with my PT and the kettlebells on Thursday morning. I got lots of well dones, excellents and similar encouragement, so I think I did well. It was certainly hard work, but so rewarding. And for once this week, I didn’t feel absolutely shattered by it.

Today, a quick early session on the static bike to get in 10k at a relatively easy pace before work. I did crank it up a notch for a breathless sprint towards the end. And treated myself to a very good stretch session.

As for the race tomorrow. No expectations. Just a good run. A good marker to see where I’m at. I’m not targeting 10k this year, even though I feel it’s my distance. The sprint tri is where my focus is. But it will be good to see if all the training I’ve been doing and how fit I feel translates into my running. I’m hoping some consistent performances at parkrun will help too.

Now if I can just hold onto this relative laid back calmness for race day, I think I’ll be alright. It will be a new expereince for me to run in the place I was born and grew up and I hope my family will understand a little more about my devotion to this sport when they see me run. Even as I write that I can feel the jangle of excitement and anticipation. Time to hit the road…


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