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8 February 2011

The Screaming Quads

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Good name for a band don’t you think? A four piece with a old punk/rock sound and a kicking bass.

Anyway, back to this running and training stuff. I did a weights session last night in my luxury home gym (back yard by the bins) and I found it pretty tough. It’s the same session I’ve been doing for a while, I just alternate between using a barbell at the gym and my kettlebell at home. Sometimes it’s easier than others.

Last night my legs were finding it hard going and I actually cut my last set of shoulder presses short because I could feel my back tensing up. But hey, a good old stretch, plenty of zeds and I was ready for another day.

Intervals on the plan and a chance to escape work at lunchtime for a run in the winter sunshine. My legs did let me know I had already worked them pretty hard, particularly when I was climbing or descending the stairs today. But my kit bag threw up an unexpected jelly baby and a blister plaster for a fellow runner in need, so I headed out with a smile, and just resolved to see how the set would take me.

There’s a casual sort of running group arrangement on a Tuesday lunchtime. One of the instructors from the gym has been coming out to encourage people who want to run and some of the regular runners will hit the road for around 40-45 minutes.

I started off with them for my warm up, but made it clear I was doing my own thing today, unless anyone wanted to run intervals with me. After clearing a couple of roads, I chose to start my first run up a bit of an incline and powered off a little ahead of the group. Two of the faster guys caught me towards the end of my first run and I pushed on to stay ahead of them before settling down to a recovery pace. Competitive? Me?

I knew it was a bit fast, even with a wee bit of downhill after the initial up and resolved to just run my own way. But I caught them again on the next rep and tried to stay at their pace until the end of it, at which point I turned right and they turned left and the rest of the intervals I ran on my own.

Last time I ran this set, I managed 4 intervals at target 10k pace and said I’d like to make it 6 next time. I sensed that wasn’t in my weary legs today and was just content to do the set as planned. And it was good to be out in the bright sunshine, even if the wind was biting and stinging my cheeks.

So I’m calling it a good session. Even if I didn’t manage as many fast reps as last time, my overall pace was the same. I want to be in great shape for my triathlon, and that means doing everything on the plan; not worrying about a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ session. So I’ll go for consistency every time.

Session completed and a warm down run back to the office and some stretches by the back door, encountering some other rather muddy runners who’d gone off road. In the shower, my face was burning from the sudden contrast of hot to cold and I emerged looking rather more like a beetroot than I usually do after a run. Reminder to self, the purple jumper is not a great choice for the office on a run day when it clashes with your face.

The legs grumbled at the stairs again this afternoon, but in truth, they haven’t really been screaming. I’m just taking it as a sign that those muscle fibres are building themselves up to take me onwards ever faster and stronger. And I’ve just treated them to a nice bath, so I think they may have forgiven me. Just don’t tell them I’m on the reserve list for Ema’s killer spin session tomorrow night.

Stats and stuff
6.11 km in 33:34
3 min run : 1 min recovery x 6 reps
avg pace 05:30/km


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