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6 February 2011

Grey training

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I seem to have spent the last three days chasing the wet, grey and windy weather across the country. Friday afternoon’s drive over to the Fylde coast took longer than usual and was very bleak. Seeing two overturned lorries on the A66 was proof that conditions were less than perfect. Still all safe and sound and worth the trip to celebrate my Dad’s birthday.

It was a long day for me as I got up at 6am to fit in a quick bike session before a half day at work. Given the weather, I opted for an indoor static cycle and blasted out some tunes and sprints to notch up 10k in just over 15 mins.

Saturday I missed my usual parkrun and was thinking of my buddies out on the Town Moor. We took a walk out to the nature reserve near my Dad’s house to see the bench they’ve set up there as memorial to Ava. It overlooks a big lake and reed bed that attracts all sorts of birds and wildlife.

Today I was hoping for a bit of a break in the fog and bouncing rain for a run. I pottered about doing chores and tidying up, keeping one eye on the weather, until it was driving me mad and I just decided to go for it. There’s a nice warm, dry gym just down the road, but I don’t feel like a proper runner on a treadmill. So I layered up, stuck my hat on, and set out along the coast.

Don’t ask me what the scenery was like. I couldn’t even see the sea for the layer of fog and low cloud. But it wasn’t that cold and the rain on my face made me feel wide awake. A few other runners out today – everyone with a wave and a greeting. It’s not so bad being caught in the rain, but deliberately setting out in the murk takes some dedication, so good on the girl I passed digging in up the small incline and fighting to keep her hood up against the rain.

On the way back I thought of my buddy Jeff out running across the other side of the river in very similar conditions. And of my cousin Hayley who just posted on her facebook status that she managed to run 4 miles yesterday. Ages ago she asked me for some advice about starting up running and she’s come on leaps and bounds. It really made my day to hear how pleased she was with her achievements.

I don’t usually run outside with music, but I treated myself to some tunes today and I think they helped me stick to a good pace. As I was coming to the end of my run, Wham’s ‘Wake me up before you go go’ came on and made me smile. Such a sunny song on such a dreary day. Its cheesy bounce kept me pushing on for the last kilometre.

The target today was 9k with as much as possible at 5.15/km. I managed an overall average of 5.26/km, so am pretty pleased with that given the conditions. I’m trying to push my speed a little at the moment and get used to running at a slighly uncomfortable pace. It was an unexpectedly good run today, and a good way to round up my first week of triathlon training.

Stats and stuff:
9k 48:56
km splits:
1. 05.15
2. 05.31
3. 05.14
4. 05.35
5. 05.24
6. 05.33
7. 05.25
8. 05.31


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