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14 January 2011


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I’ve jumped into this week with the enthusiasm of a new year gym bunny. Just ticking over through the winter has actually turned into some decent and varied training.

I’m feeling really good at the moment; running well without putting the pressure on, enjoying my classes and cross training and managing to fit everything in. Long may it continue.

I have a patch of intense activity mid-week, which sounds slightly mad, but has always proved manageable and in fact, mostly leaves me with a great work out buzz and a spring in my step. Wednesday night’s boxercise was the first session back for the new year and it was good to see a busy class. My arms were pumped by the end and I was glad of an early night, conscious of an early start for my Thursday morning PT session.

The weather’s really changed, and despite the dark morning,  I was soon peeling off wintry layers on the beach as I worked my way through some tough circuits with the kettlebell. Towards the end Ian got me to do to an exercise I haven’t done for a while and I struggled a bit. I knew I could do it better and it was largely a matter of confidence and technique, but I wasn’t going to get it this session.

And then we went to do a finisher and it did. I managed one set of squat jumps and then all set for the second and… nothing. The teensiest, weediest little stutter into the air as my legs filled with lactic acid and finally said “No!”.

I was a smidgeon disappointed, as I don’t like anything to beat me and always like to give 100% to these sessions. But then chatting to a friend at work made me realise that’s exactly what I’d done. I’d given 100% and worked to failure. I still left the beach with a smile and a bit of a bounce and managed a day at work without any ill effects.

Getting home through the traffic in time to drop Gary off at his wine school class is always a bit of a mission and I was back, changed and out the door again before I’d had time to think. In fact I was in so much of a whirl, I’d just automatically gone into Thursday night mode and it wasn’t until I was actually in the pool doing my sinking drill in preparation for a swim that my brain caught up with me and said, “Haven’t you done enough? ”.

I really was too tired to make much of my swim, so abandoned any ideas of a focused session and just swam how I felt. The result was a few sets of 100m front crawl, punctuated by rests and lengths of breast stroke. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my 100m times were about the same as when I swim a set in a more focused session.

So another good night’s sleep and plenty of DOMS, especially in my arms and shoulders on Friday morning. But it’s an honest weariness that made me glad of a more restful day. Just a lunchtime pilates session which always stretches out some aches and sets me in a more relaxed mood for a fun weekend, starting with Newcastle parkrun’s first birthday. Running, friends and cake – now that’s what I call a weekend!

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