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12 January 2011

Hopes and a bit more than a recovery run

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On Monday night I ditched my usual weights session in favour of an own body weight workout of squats, lunges, press ups, planks and abs work. It was a good decision as I didn’t feel like a complete rest, but my legs appreciated the lighter workout. Even the squats and lunges without any extra weight were pulling on muscles well worked by a hugely satisfying run on Sunday. A good stretch set me up for a relaxed evening and a good night’s sleep. Training well and consistently has so many benefits.

On Tuesday lunchtimes, I have the opportunity of running out from work in the company of other runners. I’m usually the only girl and the guys are way more experienced, faster, endurance runners, but I don’t feel out of place. And there’s always someone who’ll stick with my pace, or Simon from the gym, who’ll stop and check we’re all in sight of each other and safe crossing the roads. 

I intended just to pootle, stretch out my legs and keep it steady – a recovery run if you like after my longest distance since September. But the sun was up, and although the chill wind was breathtaking at times, it was gloriously fresh to be out. I ran and chatted from time to time, relaxed and revelling in the freedom and release from the working day.

A Garmin beep alerted me to a 9 minute-ish mile, which surprised me. But I felt fleet and fluid and kept it coming. My company for most of the run outstripped me up the hill and into the headwind on the return journey, but Simon dropped back to offer me some encouraging coaching tips and I pushed on, cheekily teasing out a sprint for the last 100m for the sheer joy of it.

I’m feeling good about my training right now, with lots to look forward to this coming year. And I’ve been inspired by seeing and hearing others starting or rediscovering the challenge and enjoyment of running. 

It’s strange to think this is my third year of running. It still feels so new and exciting. I’m flattered when people ask me for advice, or about races I’ve done.

I  sense the hope and expectations of friends seeking to run a race I’ve given my heart to. A race which has been the catalyst for my life changing. Your hopes are my hopes. I wish all this and more for you too. May your feet fall fleet and sure.

Stats and stuff:
3.77 miles/6.06 km 34.29
mile splits:
1. 08.58
2. 09.09
3. 09.34
4. 06.46 (0.7 miles)


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