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31 December 2010

What a way to finish

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I’ve had a good few days with plenty of time for training. I’ve enjoyed getting back in the pool and finding that I haven’t lost too much of my swim fitness. I’ve also realised I need to work on my bike fitness, as a spinning class proved to be absolutely punishing. And I loved my last PT session of the year, back on my beach, using the kettlebells and just feeling fitter and stronger than ever while talking over future goals and plans.

I’ve already rounded up my amazing year, so don’t want to retread old tracks. But it has been unexpectedly wonderful and unforgettable.

Tomorrow I plan to start with a run, knowing I’ll be among friends at parkrun. I’m not much of a one for New Year’s Eve in any case, so a quiet night with some good food will be just right. Especially as I have a race to look forward to in the morning. And as I run, I’ll be thinking of my fellow friends and runners who will be doing the same, or wishing they were doing the same, and just enjoying a day off instead.

I was idly browsing my running records today and noticed my total mileage for the year sat at 689. Now I’m not one for mileage targets, but that seemed like an unsatisfactory number to finish on. So I found an excuse to jog to the village shops and, nicely warmed up, dropped my purchases at home and went for a lap of the beach.

I had no real notion of distance, and kept changing my mind about what I wanted to achieve with this run. In the end I just picked a route and ran it. At my notional end point I noticed my watch tick over into another minute, so I kept on going a little longer to run 32 mins and logged another 3 and a bit miles.

And it felt good. Nice to be out, not too cold. And although my legs were a little heavy, they soon warmed through. It was nice to run too, with no real targets and nothing in mind. No berating myself to go further and faster. Just ticking over.

It’s rare that I run on consecutive days, but hopefully taking it relatively easy and being relaxed won’t put too much strain on parkrun tomorrow. It felt like a good way to round off my wonderful running year.

I’m looking forward to the next one, having learnt so much this year. I know I won’t always get it right, but I have a feeling it’s going to be another good one. All the best to my running, swimming, cycling, cake-eating buddies. It wouldn’t have been anything like as wonderful without you xxx


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