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17 December 2010

Haven’t felt like that for a while

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Winter, snow, icy stuff, festive stuff… despite the festive changes to routine, I’ve managed to keep on a decent amount of training over the last couple of weeks. Cycling and swimming have pretty much disappeared off the radar, but I’m still running a bit, enjoying my weekly PT sessions and doing weights or gym classes during the week.

This week a change of plans had me doing my usual PT session on Wednesday morning, which lined me up nicely for a double dose adrenaline shot with a round of boxercise later that evening. Ian put a festive spin on our session with a 12 days of Christmas theme, and it was a cracking workout as always.

It’s really easy to look at my running achievements and see faster, longer runs in there and to measure myself against them. But it’s less easy to do with my PT sessions. I know I’m stronger, could lift heavier weights or do more repetitions of exercises. I keep on moving, pretty much without stopping for an hour and recover really quickly now during my minute or so rest breaks between sets.

I enjoy tackling whatever Ian throws at me and feel good when he says it’s been a tough session. And all that strength and muscle building will feed back into whatever challenges I set myself in future. But even if it did nothing more than bring a smile to my face every week, it would be well worth it.

I usually do a boxercise session in an evening, followed by an early morning PT the next day so it was interesting to switch it around and try both on the same day. I figured there was roughly the same amount of rest period between them.

But boy, my quads (upper leg muscles) were aching the next day! I felt it in the boxercise warm up when just running, and lunge walking were causing my muscles to protest. But it’s a good feeling. An honest feeling of having worked hard, rather than a problematic pain. An outward signal and a reward for all my efforts.

It feels good to have a great excuse for a nice hot bath and a couple of take it easy days before a last blast, baltic, hilly 10k at Saltwell Park this weekend. A race I’m really looking forward to because I go into it with no expectations of performance.


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