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5 December 2010

Shaking the blues

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I had a bit of a rubbish day on Wednesday which saw me heading home at lunchtime, stressed out, driving in the snow. It was such a relief to get back in one piece, heat up some milk for a hot chocolate and snuggle up in my favourite hoodie.

Thursday’s normally my training session, but I knew there was no way Ian would get out at our usual time in the snow. But working from home meant we could reshedule to lunchtime. So bundled up in half a dozen layers, I met him down on the beach for a total body blast.

It was absolutely baltic, with the wind whipping up hail crystals at one point, but the only time I felt cold was walking down there. He put me through a really tough circuit on the soft sand, ending with a leg-sapping run up the steps and a Rocky style finish. I was beaming all over my face. Talk about a much needed adrenaline rush!

Man dressed as a devil

Welcome to hell

With more snow overnight, I decided to work from home again on Friday, which left me loads of time to get ready for my Christmas party. I went to get my hair put up, broke out the make up and some sparkly jewellery, then stepped into my stunning dress and wellies combo ready for the taxi. No way was I driving on those roads!

A quick change of footwear in the lift and I was ready for Hell. The rooms at St James’ Park had been transformed into Heaven and Hell, complete with stilt-walking, fire-eating devils and feather winged angel statues (don’t blink!).

Woman holding a snake

One of my colleagues, getting to know Steve, the Burmese python

I said hello to Steve at the entrance. You know Steve, the Burmese python? He was gorgeous and very friendly considering all the noise and attention he was getting – definitely a bit of a ladies man that one…

I got fixed up with some devil horns and had a great night, dancing to the live band, seeing everyone I wanted to see and leaving before everyone got a bit too messy on the free booze.

A later than usual night meant I didn’t wake up until 8am (a lie in for me) and so I missed parkrun. To be honest, I’d have still been a bit cautious about doing it. For the time being I will stick to running in the sand, where I know I won’t slip and hurt myself. Hard work, but such a great work out.

On Saturday I went into the village to collect a wreath from the new florist shop. It’s traditional pine with orange segments and cinnamon sticks and just smells of Christmas.

And as I walked past the chocolate shop, I spotted a gorgeous home-made gingerbread house in the window. Honestly we have Willy Wonka living in the village – it’s wonderful. I’ve had a bit of a comfort eating indulgence this week, so I did manage to go and look without buying anything.  Although I did  try out a delicious cookie recipe courtesy of my chum Katie ready for Christmas – I promise, I’ve only sampled.

Then Saturday night, Gary and I headed to Newcastle City Hall to see Jools Holland and his rhythm and blues orchestra with special guest Alison Moyet.

It was the most infectious and amazing music. I can’t say I’m much of a rhythm and blues expert, but the energy hit you with a blast right from the start and you just couldn’t resist tapping your feet. Little cameras that you couldn’t see showed close ups of the solos on a screen at the back, so you could see Jools’ fingers flying over the piano keys.

There was a host of amazing musicians on stage, including some very groovy brass and saxaphone. But man, the guys playing the blues guitar and bass, they were cool.

And Alison Moyet. She is even more amazing than when I last saw her supporting David Bowie on the Glass Spider tour. I really don’t want to count up how long ago that was. But she just has the most magical voice. Spellbinding.

I’ve seen some amazing gigs in my time with light shows, lazers, revolving screens, a stage full of dancers and acrobats, a million costume changes, wigs, sequins, unicycles and elephants, but I’m really beginning to appreciate the ones where the performers keep it simple. Where they just do what they do, but brilliantly.

Someone who can hold an audience enthralled by the sound of their voice, or the movement of fingers over frets and strings – that’s talent. That’s worthy of applause. And it was a glorious sound.

So from midweek blues, to weekend blues that had me smiling and dancing, I’m definitely starting to feel festive.


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  1. Scrib – you are forcing me to raise my game!


    Comment by Pete — 16 December 2010 @ 22:43 | Reply

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