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23 November 2010

New moon

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The moon a spotlight in an ink black sky, casting dancing shadows on monochrome waves. The world stripped down to basics. Pools of light illuminating the path ahead.

Out into the cold. The North Sea blast provokes a second’s pause, but there’s something I’ve set out to do and it won’t stand around waiting.

The quiet morning punctuated by puddle splashes and steady breaths. Easy, easy, warming into the rhythm. There’s a long way to go.

Out along these familiar pavements, recently neglected for inner city pathways. The sea to my right as I push on into the wind.

The stillness is calming. No need to push or fret. Just run. Just enjoy the freedom and space. The world is still waking. This is my time.

A new pair of running tights, close fitting and toasty warm. A high viz bib that keeps slipping from my shoulders. Small totems against the darkness.

Steady, steady. I know I’m slow, that there’s more if I want it. But today I take it easy in my head, rebuild my confidence, just enjoy it.

Did I decide on an hour or 10k? At this kind of pace, there won’t be much between them. My legs begin to protest and remind me of last night’s squats and deadlifts.

An icy shower hits my head at a nominal half way point and I turn my back on the rain. Running now into the growing sunrise. Dark shadows lifting as the winds softens and stills.

Back along the seafront, tag the sandcastle and just head for home. Pick up my feet and lift my knees a little more, envisioning Sunday’s marathon leader.

Reeling in the last few miles now. An easy run and I’ve done so much more than this. But for today it is enough. This is the base I do not wish to drop below. This is the distance I always want to be able to run.

10k, six miles – I’ve said for a long time that this is my distance. But recently I’ve begun to doubt that, distracted by the shackles of meaningless numbers. Today’s effort will win me no trophy, no glory, but it’s a small victory in getting out there. I’m no longer scared of the darkness.  

I remember all the miles I’ve travelled, all the goals I have achieved. And respect what I do. It’s no small thing to step out of your door and run six miles at any pace. A couple of weeks ago I said that I was fitter and happier, with more friends than this time last year. It’s just as true today. And those are good reasons to be content.

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