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6 November 2010

Getting my groove on

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There’s been a meme on Twitter this week – things you’d say to your 16-year-old self. I’d tell her that one day Bono would sing just to her; that she would hear David Bowie sing Life on Mars live and that in the future she’d be able to carry all her music, hundreds of photos and movies around in her pocket. Oh and that one day she’d run a half marathon. In fact, she’d run two. She find it hardest to believe the last one.

Music’s always been a powerful emotional force for me. It can make or break my mood and transport me to another time and place. On my writing course we chanted together at the beginning of the day. It was immensly liberating experience that helped take us beyond the ordinary and everyday and brought 10 different voices together in a common purpose. It also unlocked something in me I think, as I found myself singing out loud as I went for a walk on the second day. And later that evening I sang Beatles songs to the accompaniment of a keyboard before dinner. I cannot remember the last time I sang anywhere other than the privacy of my own car.

Today I chose a selection of music at random and some unexpected Stevie Wonder had me grooving around my kitchen as I washed and chopped things in preparation for tonight’s dinner. Kitchen dancing is a speciality of mine, but I think I can only do it when I’m feeling good.

Today’s been a good day. Rising early and layering up ready for a volunteer stint at Newcastle parkrun. Beautiful autumn sunshine, a nip in the air and a field full of runners streaming across the moor.

It’s fun to watch this race for once. To see the ribbon of coloured shirts stretch out against the bleak grass; to watch bodies moving, all with their own grace; to feel the warmth of the sprints and the smiles at the finish.

Good too to see so many familiar faces. To chat to friends before and after. To feel part of something that’s a good thing for itself. To enjoy the achievements of the slowest and the fastest. To celebrate the PBs and the almost made its.

I didn’t run today because my challenge comes tomorrow. But I’ve never enjoyed a rest day so much. And now I’m looking forward to my first ever dual event – the Killingworth aquathlon. No expectations. No artificial goals. A bit like my first race really, but without the nerves. And with some unlooked for and unexpected support.


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