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2 November 2010

Thinly spread

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I ran today. Not as far as I wanted to, but about as far as I could manage. I think I’m still having daylight adjustment issues. I’m waking early, but not early enough to do any training and then flaking out even earlier than usual in the evenings. It makes it hard to fit everything in.

It was a nice run today actually. As I got to the gym at work, another couple of guys were heading out with Simon, the new gym instructor so I joined them for a new route. I was bouncy, Tigger happy to be running on a fresh autumn day. Enthusiasm bigger than my stamina.

Gertie the Garmin failed to pick up satellites until we were a good way out from the office, but today I was just happy to run and have some company. The guys are much faster than me, but everyone went off at a decent pace and I bounded away, figuring I’d get a good workout if I managed to keep up. I was quite pleased with how I was doing at first, but I began to struggle with my breathing.

I had a sore throat last week and have been a bit tight chested this week. Today I had an attack of the snot monsters. I kept having to clear my throat and was finding it hard to breathe through my nose. Simon kept me distracted chatting about his experiences working in gyms and as a PT.

On the way back I really started to struggle. The breathing wasn’t going to smoothe out and I could feel the remnants of Sunday’s bike ride in my legs. I was managing to keep less than 20m behind, but each small incline was taking it out of me and I welcomed the chance to hover at the road crossing for a while.

Simon urged me on up over the road bridge, as I started puffing and panting, battling with both the wind and a blocked nose. My strides had shortened and I was shuffling. It was like the early days of running with Ian, mind over matter and a stubborn vanity that I wasn’t going to drop back too far.

We made it back with a bit of a sprint at the end and I felt great for having got out there and done it. But I have to acknowledge to myself I’m not feeling at my peak right now.

I keep having moments where adrenaline or enthusiasm or something carries me through – for example, a magical Edinburgh parkrun. But I don’t seem to be able to capitalise on them and I’m back at a plateau. I guess it’s inevitable. We can’t be at our peak all the time. And I have already achieved so much this year.

But there’s still an aquathlon and a 10k coming up in the next two weeks. And here I am again, feeling less than top notch just before a race. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, honestly, I’m not. Just trying to set my own expectations.

I should probably just take it as a sign. Once upon a time, every run felt like that and I cherished the ones that didn’t, when things just slid into place. Nowadays runs can be tough and mentally challenging, but mostly when I put the effort in, I get the reward.

Ah well, just swim, run and see how it goes. It’s all an adventure.

Stats and stuff:
5.42k 32.15
1. 05.31
2. 06.04
3. 06.04
4. 06.05
5. 06.16

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