Just a lovely run

I’ve no plan at the moment, just doing what I feel when I feel like it. And today I felt like a bit of a run, but was short of time at lunch, so opted for a walk in the sunshine instead.

Home this evening and by the time I’d done a couple of chores, it was beginning to get dark. But still, my route is well lit and there are always people passing by, so I scurried into my kit and headed out.

A still clear evening, not a breath of breeze, not cold, just peaceful and relaxed. And that’s how my run felt. No real pace goal, no distance aim. Just an idea to run for about 30 minutes and to see where I got to.

Passing the other runners, high viz tops and bibs starting to appear beneath the street lamps as I head out along the coast. My calves feel a little tight to start off with, but I soon warm up and settle, just steady running and easy breathing.

It’s an out and back route, so I have to pick a turning point. I decide to go as far as the next Garmin beep, which would be about 3k. As I approach, a hoarde of runners appears up from the promenade, and then another group and another. I feel like I’m going the wrong way, that I should be joining this merry band. Soon afterwards I get the signal and turn, resolving to try and catch them.

It’s a running club, I learn as I pass the back markers, with a runner jogging back to make sure they’re okay. They appear and disappear throughout most of the rest of my run, diving down the steps and pathways to the lower promenades and across a beach, then back up again and around behind the fisherman’s cottages.

Why haven’t I thought of that on all my runs along this stretch? There are numerous paths down towards the beach and up to the roadside. I’ve always thought of my route as flat, but there are any number of hills if I choose them. Ah well, some new training tactics to try once I’m planning regular runs again.

Tonight it’s just about keeping it easy and enjoying the sensation of the evening air in my face, watching my shadow with its bouncing ponytail and rolling the tarmac beneath my feet.

In a way it’s one of those runs I don’t want to end, but it’s getting properly dark and I said I wouldn’t be long. So I pick up my pace a little and practice my sprint finish to a predetermined bus stop. My target is spot on as the Garmin bleeps as I pass. I slow to a jog and stretch at a nearby bench before returning home refreshed and peaceful as the evening sky.

Author: The Scribbler

I'm a writer, based in the North East of England. In my working life I give a human voice to business communications. As well as writing, reading and language, I enjoy running and triathlons and I often write about races and events in the North East

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