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22 September 2010

The Great Big Thank You 2010

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Okay, this is going to be a long one, so if it’s not your thing, move along and check back later when I’ve stopped channelling Gwyneth Paltrow on Oscar night 😉

My journey to the 2010 Great North Run has been a pretty epic one. It was big enough last year, when it was my first half-marathon, but this year it’s been even bigger, mainly because so many of you have joined me on it. So I need to say some thank yous.

First of all, to my family. We’ve had a tough year and a good year. We’ve had occasion to weep and occasion to celebrate and we’ve done both together. We may not be a conventional set up and we may be separated by geography, but we’re always close at heart when it counts.

When I first decided I wanted to run for Ava, it was all a bit raw and emotional, but I hope you’ve seen how this amazing event can help turn something negative into something positive. For, make no mistake about it, the Great North Run is a celebration. I know you’re proud of me. I’m proud of you too.

I also want to say thank you to that great fellowship of runners. Fast or slow, old or young, elite or just starting out; from the unknown athletes that nod and smile as I pass on the street, to those of you I’ve come to look for at local races, we do all share something. Yes, we’re all nutters.

I’ve found a great supportive community of runners in Fetch Everyone. Some of you I only know by nickname; some of you I’ve come to know quite well. It would make strange reading to list you all, and I’d be bound to miss someone out, but will you indulge me with a few special mentions?

To Dave, Lesley and the Fetchpoint crew who saw me at that glorious moment just after 10 miles. Remember me always like that and I will never grow old or tired.

To Jeff, who has dealt with his own sad loss this year with strength and grace, thank you for all the coaching tips and advice.

To Lisa and Jason who invited me to run in their woods and provided excellent sausage sarnies. And to Dave W, who it’s always a pleasure to run with.

And to my two excellent friends from Scotland, Alistair and Lesley. You have been with me all the way with your kind words, advice and encouragement. You are two very special friends and I hope to meet you soon.

I need to say a big thank you to my friends and work mates. Some of you run and some of you don’t. But you’ve all endured me going on and on about training and running for the past year. And I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with it for a bit longer, as I’ve no intention of stopping.

I hope I made up for some of the ear bending with the Great North cake sale that helped boost my charity fundraising by over £200. Thank you to everyone who baked, bought and ate their way through a mountain of cake, especially ace bakers, Kathryn, Erika and Zeinab who really went out of their way to help me. And to Pete, for having a very sweet tooth and a generous wallet.

To everyone who has commented on a blog post, tweet, or facebook update – thank you. But it just encourages me you know 😉

To the people who have allowed me to share my story with a wider audience, from the JustGiving blog to BBC Radio Newcastle and in particular, Tony Horne on Metro Radio. Thank you for helping me spread the word, tell people about my baby sister and raise awareness of the work that Sands does. Tony, it was a real pleasure to talk to you, to shake your hand at the four mile mark and to enjoy a broadcast that really summed up the spirit of this amazing run.

To Ian, who got me running in the first place. Did you ever imagine I would get this far? Your patience with my questions and dedication to my training show you to be a professional. Your support and advice throughout everything show you to be a friend.

To Gary, who is always there for me. Even at the finish line, in the rain, without an umbrella. I know you don’t always understand why I do this, but I know you understand how important it is to me.

I also need to say a heartfelt thank you to the other families that have been affected by the loss of a baby. In telling my family’s story, you have opened your hearts to me. Although, it must still be painful, I hope it gives you some comfort to know that your little ones are remembered and that in supporting me, you will help Sands help other families and may even fund research that prevents a tiny life being lost.



  1. Who needs to be Gwyneth Paltrow? That was a lovely tribute that I’m sure many Oscar winners would be envious of. You’re quite an inspiration…


    Comment by Rosie — 23 September 2010 @ 07:57 | Reply

  2. Wow Michelle, it almost brought a tear to my eye, then I realised i was at work. Well done as I know it means so much to you….whats your next challenge???


    Comment by Hayley — 23 September 2010 @ 12:24 | Reply

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