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27 August 2010

The Great North cake fest

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It is a truth universally aknowledged that runners like cake. We all have our favourites and some of us insist on gluten free, but running and cake seem to go together. I associate both with good times and good people. I’ve never yet met a good person who would turn their nose up at cake.

So, when I was thinking of ways to boost my Great North Run fundraising for Sands, cake seemed like a good option. And when I raised the question of holding a cake sale at work, it got a resounding ‘Oh yes’ from my colleagues. Which tells you a lot about the people I work with.

Selection of cakes

Look at all those tasty treats

So on Wednesday 25 August, cunningly timed to coincide with pay day, I held the Great North cake fest. I’d emailed my team, other people I work with around the business and fellow runners and told them of my plans, and set up an events page on facebook. But I never in my wildest dreams expected the feast of goodies that turned up on the day.

We had carrot cake, coffee and walnut, tea bread, chocolate cake, coconut and lime, banana bread, caramel shortcake and six different types of muffins and buns.

My running friend Kathryn, who has something of a reputation as a baker had made three different types of cake during her week off, in between painting her kitchen. Jo who works in marketing made a three layer carrot and walnut cake that was devoured by 11am. Joanna made her famous caramel shortcake which the boys couldn’t get enough of. My friend Zeinab made cupcakes that I collected from her house first thing in the morning, before she set off baking another batch of 50 for a wedding. And Erika, who is my PT’s sister-in-law to be, made the most beautiful chocolate cupcakes – everyone kept asking where I’d bought them from.

I started off well, with a couple of very generous donations from my boss and my colleague Pete that could have bought them most of the table.

Then I sliced, served, and cajoled people into eating cake. Cakes went to the legal team and up to the Exec offices. I roamed the canteen at lunchtime with plates laden with treats. I tortured people trying to eat healthily with the whiff of a caramel slice and hit the R&D department in the tea-time slump at 3pm. And people who weren’t in the office made donations online.

By the end of the day, I felt like I’d completed one of those tasks on The Apprentice. My throat was sore from talking. My legs were aching from walking around the offices and my head was just a whirl. But it was a fabulous way of raising £230 and smashing my £1,000 fundraising target well ahead of the Great North Run.

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