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10 August 2010

Pace and chips

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Pace, it’s a funny thing isn’t it? I mean, there I am on my long run, listening to good advice and trying to keep it slow. And that’s quite hard, but I’m getting better at it.

And then today, up and out early on my ‘short run’, when I could quite legitimately pick it up a wee bit, and I get stuck in the pace that I wanted to achieve for my long run, feeling that I can’t go any faster. ( I still don’t feel like I have enough miles in my legs to call a 7+ miler a ‘short run’).

Gorgeous, gorgeous morning for a run. Nice and cool, bright sunshine, blue skies and those wispy cirrus clouds in the sky. Quiet on the pavements, just me and my thoughts and in theory, fresh legs after I let myself off last night’s weights session.

But it’s never quite that easy is it? Last week this was an ouchy post PT session run, with my glutes complaining every step of the way. This week, the grumpy mental demons came out to play for a bit.

I felt a bit ploddy and slow on the way out, and then I started thinking about my training plan and how I’d switched things round a bit and was starting to scratch away at things I really should leave well enough alone. Just after turning at the half way point, I had a little wobble and a quick mental panic…this would happen at the furthest point out wouldn’t it…arrgh, it’s all going wrong…

Then my second thoughts took me firmly in hand and told me to walk up the wee slope, eat some dried mango, stick my headphones in, put my old running tunes on and try out my theory that sometimes when you’re feeling a bit rubbish you should wake your body up and go faster.

Cue 2 and a bit miles at nearer 9 min mile pace, feeling more comfortable than I did running at a slower pace on the way out and a sprint finish going up through the gears at the end. Net result = an average pace of what I was aiming for. So why did I put myself through the mental wringer to get there? I think, given the choice I’d rather put up with complaining glutes.

Now, I’m not a food Nazi, but I eat a pretty ‘clean’ diet. Fresh organic meat, fruit and vegetables, almost no processed foods and I’ve grown out of a taste for salty, fatty foods. But towards the end of my run, I was craving chips. Salty, vinegary, chip shop chips.

I know that would get most of you salivating, but often, when I run this route on a weekend, I pass people eating fish and chips and it’s not an appealing thought to me. So it was ironic that I was craving them when all the chip shops were shut.

I think I finally got the message that my body was demanding some carbohydrates when I got home and inhaled the remains of my porridge, then promptly made another bowl while I was in the shower.

I’ve been very drawn to cake and chocolate this week too. So with two of my runs going over an hour and a fair amount of cross training in my week, I think it’s time to look at adding a little more fuel to the tank. It just took my body screaming ‘chips chips chips’ at me for me to realise.

Stats and stuff
12k/ 7.4 miles 1hr 09.14
mile splits:
1. 09.08
2. 09.24
3. 09.32
4. 09.24
5. 09.55
6. 09.19
7. 08.47
8. 03.42 (736m)


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