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4 August 2010

Speedwork part 2

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I got out for an interval session on Tuesday lunchtime. A bit of a gentle warm up and then off on a series of 4 min run, 2 minute recovery repeats.

For once I got the timings about right, crossing roads on recovery sections and not being held up too long at any point. I think I’m getting better at pacing myself too, not launching sprinter-like into the runs, but gradually increasing the pace and keeping the recovery moving, but lowering the heart rate. I felt strong and pretty fast.

I’d programmed the Garmin for 7 reps to give me 42 mins of intervals plus a warm up and cool down. On what I thought was the last rep, I was on the last section of our work’s mile handicap race and decided to give it a bit of welly.

In my head I was visualising the last miles of the Great North Run, pushing on tired legs, picking up the pace, chasing that PB. And maybe it was a bit too much pressure, but I lost control of my breathing in one of those panicky, panting bursts that marked my first running attempts. That hasn’t happened for the longest time. And I still remember when it used to stall me. The good thing is that this time I did control it, got back into a cleaner rhythm and kept moving.

I think learning to swim front crawl properly with bilateral breathing last year helped. When I’d get that wrong and accidentally breathe in a mouthful of water, it used to stop me in my tracks, feet down to the pool floor, length shattered. Now it happens very rarely and when it does, I manage to keep on moving, regulating my breathing over the next few strokes until I’m back in the flow again.

So on my run, when the Garmin beeped to indicate another speed inteval was due, I gave it a stern glare and inwardly berated myself for my inability to count to seven whilst running. And I decided it could pass. That I’d let it go and just run out the remaining time in a slightly better than recovery pace.

Obviously it bugs me a bit that I didn’t complete the session as planned, or else I wouldn’t mention it. But I’d done 36 mins of quality intervals with the faster sections close to my 10k pace and a total of 5 miles in 45 minutes isn’t too shabby either.  Of course, next week I definitely will be looking for that 7th rep.


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