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13 July 2010

My fifteen minutes of fame

So, this morning, I appeared live on the BBC Radio Newcastle Breakfast show with Alfie Joey and Charlie Charlton, talking about the Great North Run and the very special reason I’m running it this year.

You can listen again until 20 July. I’m on at around the 49 min mark.

It was really lovely to be able to share some of my enthusiasm for this run, tell my running story and tell lots of people about my baby sister Ava who we love and miss so much.

I’ll be running in her memory and raising money for Sands, the neonatal death and stillbirth charity. They help support families like ours who have experienced the loss of a baby and help carry out research to help health professionals and hopefully prevent future lives being lost. You can find out more and support me on my justgiving page.

It was very strange to walk back through the doors of the BBC again after 4 years. Although I previously worked there as a  journalist, mainly on the BBC Tyne website and as a news reporter for Radio Newcastle, I don’t think that had any bearing on me being invited in for an interview.  I just responded to a plea on the website for Great North Run stories and knew I had a good story to tell. 

But it did mean I knew I could make life easy for the person setting up guests for the breakfast show and offer to go into the studios and take the early slot. I also automatically shut up when the red light went on in the studio. That BBC training never leaves you!


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