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23 June 2010

How come…?

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I can manage 12k at the weekend and feel fit and strong, then 10k on a weekday evening leaves me feeling zonked out? Is it just the heat?

I gambled a little with an evening run on Tuesday night. I prefer mornings usually and don’t have much of a problem getting up and out bright and early. But you don’t really know unless you try and I’m still trying to work out the optimum pattern of run, rest and other training.

I did some kettlebell training in the yard (sorry… home gym with built in air conditioning) on Monday evening, so I knew it would be warm and I still had the leftovers from that in my legs. So I convinced myself to keep it steady and for once I took water with me.

One of the many advantages of running at the coast is that there’s usually a breeze of sorts, and even though it was a warm one, it helped. I wasn’t consciously clocking the Garmin, but took things at a slower pace than Sunday’s long run. I did debate cutting it short and doing around 8k, but felt I was running well and managing the heat okay.

On the return leg I lost most of the breeze and teenagers wandering along the front with ice creams were sent to taunt me. As the heat rose up from the ground and pounded my head from above, I said to myself: “This is your tough patch…this is your John Reid Road and a desperate search for shade. People have run marathons hotter than this, and you’ve only got a couple of miles to go.”

No sprint finish. I just didn’t have it in my legs. But that’s another training run in the bag, and I felt a lot better after I’d eaten and sat down for a bit. But the heat definitely made it harder work than usual.

Stats: 10k 56.17
mile splits:
1. 08.43
2. 08.59
3. 09.07
4. 08.59
5. 09.09
6. 09.02
7. 02.14 (0.2 mile)


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