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6 June 2010

A fair run of form

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I’ve grown more and more pleased about last Sunday’s race at Druridge bay. On time alone, it’s my slowest 10k race of the year, but given the terrain I know I gave it a good run and others, including my PT, have said the same.

For a while now I’ve been itching to get some focus back and start my Great North Run build up plan. In my mind I’ve had the Blaydon Race as the cut off point. Run a fast enjoyable race there and then dig in and start building up the mileage for the half marathon. But I thought I’d see how much of the first week of my 12 week plan I could handle.

So on Monday, to the amusement of my neighbours who were enjoying a spot of lunch, I went out into the yard and completed a 45 minute total body workout using the kettlebell. It was pretty tough on the back of a 10k run, and my legs were definitely feeling it. But it’s a good work out and doesn’t take a lot of effort to fit it in.

Tuesday and back to work, anxiously watching the rain to see how heavily it was falling, and out for a lunchtime interval session in the drizzle. I haven’t run intervals for a while, and they’ve always been my least favourite thing to do. But a session of 30 mins of 4 min run and 2 min recovery proved to be a tidy workout, and I gradually improved on just about every interval. Got back for a shower and was very pink faced all afternoon.

There wasn’t a run on the plan for Wednesday, but I was glad I took my kit all the same. When the first email I read set me off in a bad mood for the morning, I knew I shouldn’t let such a petty thing get to me, but it rankled. My bag full of kit offered a respite. I’d run off the grouchiness at lunchtime.

I was set and ready to go, not sure of what distance or route to take when a fellow runner appeared in the changing rooms and I agreed to hang on and go for a run with her. It was a good decision as she’s just getting back into training and wasn’t pushing it.

We jogged out into blazing sunshine and off on a 4k route through the local nature reserve. It meant I kept it very steady, rather than beating up the grumpy demons with an aggressive run, which may have been counter productive in the midday heat. Instead we chatted and she shared some good advice about training and plans and it did the trick of clearing my head. Anything left of my anger got punched out at boxercise that evening.

And so to Thursday, regularly my favourite day of the week, as it starts with an early morning PT session on the beach. Glorious sunshine, clean sand and the beach to ourselves, what more could you want? How about a med ball and a couple of kettebells and a really tough whole body workout? It’s always my toughest session of the week, but I do love it. It gets my heart racing, my body moving and I feel fit and strong, all before most people have got out of bed. Magic!

The rest of the day was almost as good. A big team planning session at work that everyone engaged with and it felt like we really got things done. Then our boss took us out for lunch and we got an early afternoon finish. I skipped off to the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle to see a beautiful exhibition of Japanese art, mostly woodblock prints very well interpreted. And it gave me inspiration for a marketing campaign that I have to pitch next week, so it was a sunny afternoon well spent.

And so to Thursday evening and a gathering of local runners from (an online running forum that I use) ready to run a mile handicap at South Shields in the sunshine and a cooling breeze. After my early morning beasting down the beach, I wasn’t sure how fast my legs would turn over and as I jogged to the start point, I really thought I’d find it tough.

Last time I ran a timed mile was about a year ago at work, when I did a couple of laps of the building and came in at 8:15 for a race win ( I was the only competitor). So I’d said I’d be happy with anything with a 7 in front and set off ahead of the rest of the pack.

Keeping it steady out along the coastal stretch, easing into it, and making use of my long legs, I found a good pace and stuck there. A series of chalk marks noting the distance along the straight route helped me pace my run. I stayed out in front, putting in a bit of a kick to finish in a frankly amazing 7:11.

It was a good night for many, with plenty of  PBs clocked up (most faster than mine) but no one got past me. Of course, that means next time, I’ll be pushing for anything with a 6 in front.

But first there’s the matter of the Blaydon Race to look forward to…

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