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21 May 2010

Too few words for friendship

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It strikes me that we have too few words for friend.

A friend can be someone at work that you enjoy passing time with, or a contact on your facebook profile. They may be a little more – someone you share social time with, a coffee, a chat, a movie.

Friends can be people you’ve shared an experience with, lived with, worked with, holidayed with. Maybe you were close in a former life but have drifted apart through accidents of geography or lifestyle. Or they could be the kind of friend you don’t see for years, but when you do, it’s like you last met yesterday.

A friend can be a relative, a brother, a sister, a cousin. But not all relatives are friends.

A friend can be someone you share things with, look to for advice and honesty. Someone who’ll say what you need to hear, even when you don’t want to hear it.

A friend could be someone you marry. Someone who knows all your faults and loves you just the same.

But a friend can also be someone you’ve never met – a name on a message board, a blog, an email, a text. Some of these are fleeting, mayfly friends. Friends in potential maybe. But others may well know the things that really matter to you better than the people you see everyday.

So many different shades and only one hue to name them.

Some people have large groups of friends, people they genuinely enjoy being around. I’ve been known to envy this. For my own part, my friendships tend to be close, intense. Too uncomfortable for some. And my true friends need to be of hardy stock.

In my mind I know what kind of friend I mean when I use the word. It’s like a volume switch in my brain. When I think of a true friend, my heart beats loud and strong as a lioness.



  1. What a fab post Michelle. Friendships are so important and shape who we are. I constantly learn from my friends and hope their qualities rub off on me in some way. Infectious personalities are to be treasured. You’re defo A friend for life 🙂


    Comment by Katie — 21 May 2010 @ 23:04 | Reply

    • Thanks hunny. It was a very spur of the moment blog. But you are definitely one of the good friends I had in my mind. I think I just realised how lucky I am ((hugs)).


      Comment by The Scribbler — 21 May 2010 @ 23:16 | Reply

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