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18 April 2010

Pigs and primroses

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I drove to visit our friend’s farm in deepest, darkest Northumberland this morning for an adventure into the Blackwood – an area of ancient mixed woodland where we’re hoping to raise pigs and turkeys in a joint business venture.


The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but spring is really starting to peep through as the ground is peppered with primroses. We saw a couple of pheasants and a deer bounding through the undergrowth and lots of bumblebees. It felt like spring, despite the rain and the wind.

Then onto the farm to check on the piglets and say hello to the small herd of Dexter cattle. It’s great to see the grass coming through after so much mud and muck and to see the chickens pecking around the fruit trees planted in the walled garden.

But I’d got cold in the woods and was a bit concerned about my right thigh starting to stiffen up beneath my wet jeans, so I’m afraid I was a fair weather farmer and came home to warm up and tidy the house.

Managed a short swim this afternoon, just to keep in practice. 4x100m sets of front crawl focusing on technique, with a couple of rest breaks and a couple of lengths of breast stroke to vary things up a little. I seem to be averaging 100m in just over 2 mins in a 20m pool, and I’m not particularly thrashing the pace.

Sadly I bust the strap on my goggles as I was putting them on. As it was only one ‘arm’, I managed for this session, but they were definitely fogging up more than usual. I’m sure if I focus on my swimming again I can improve the number of consecutive lengths and speed. But I’ve decided to abandon my goal of a sprint triathlon this year.

I still want to try for that sub 50 10k and sub 2 hour Great North Run, so I’ve decided to focus on doing those two things really well, rather than trying to do three things just okay. I might have a go at an aquathon later in the year, but really I should learn from past experience not to put too much pressure on myself and to enjoy everything I do.


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