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17 April 2010

Quality run

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I know rest is as important as running, and I did say I was feeling tired yesterday and that maybe running early on a Friday morning after training on a Thursday is not the best idea, but honestly did you see it out there? Sun shining, the merest suggestion of a sea breeze…it was far too nice not to go out for a run.

I find it best to have a distance or a time to run in my mind, even when I don’t have it down on a proper training plan. So today I set the target of 5k. I knew once I was off I’d be tempted to do my regular weekend 10k route, but really wanted to try and be sensible.

And it was a lovely run. A little bit of a headwind to start, but soon I was into a nice rhythm and flow. I told myself no time targets, but couldn’t resist a sneaky peak at the Garmin’s first beep to see how close I was to my target 10k pace. Not far off and I felt good, so I kept going.

I deliberately ran the final half kilometre or so on the beach in a bid to slow myself down and produce a time that I wouldn’t measure myself against in future. Sub 50 10k = 2x sub 25 5ks. Even I can do the maths for that one.

But with a downhill slope to the beach and plenty of harder sand to run on, I couldn’t help but pick it up for the last couple of hundred yards to finish feeling out of breath and smiling.

5km 25:49
1. 5.07
2. 5.12
3. 5.16
4. 5.08
5. 5.00

Good luck to all of you running far further this weekend. Lots of halfs and marathons coming up. Hope your preparations pay off, your safety pins stay fast and the weather is kind to you.


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