A decent run

I was really up for this run today. I had my new shoes, short sleeves and new tunes on my iPod. The sun was warm on my face as I walked to the seafront and began my warm up stretches. But as soon as I saw the sea, the wind whipped up a reminder that Spring is only beginning.

I set off into a headwind, bouncing along to some upbeat rhythms. But my breath was soon whipped away and I found myself fighting into the wind. This was feeling hard and I was only a few minutes in. I slowed down a little, focused on getting into a breathing rhythm, trying to banish the nagging voice and self defeating doubt.

I’d brought music along to distract me, in the absence of a running buddy, but it wasn’t hitting the right note and I tucked my headphones back into my shirt and ploughed on.

All the runners were going the other way. I kept on pushing through the wind, feeling my shoulders tense and fighting it mentally and physically, eyes streaming. I kept asking myself what I’d do if it was like this on race day. I have to be able to cope with this.

Somewhere along the front a mini gust swept sand and dust right into my face. I stopped to a walk and wiped my eyes, giving myself a bit of a shake and a talking to.

Part of me wanted to do a deal there and then, to turn around earlier than planned to get out of the wind and run a shorter distance. But I did another deal. I chose to slow down. To get my breathing where I could manage it comfortably and just to run and enjoy it.

At the turning point I treated myself to some dried mango and relished the relief of turning out of the wind. For once I picked up the pace for the second half of my run.

But my legs were tired. First quads, then hamstrings and glutes. I could feel myself drifting, strides getting short, starting to shuffle. So I kept on pushing, trying to stretch out, determined that if I had given myself the comfort of slowing down, the least I could do was manage the distance.

The sugar boost kicked in and things picked up a little. Soon it was only 20 minutes more running, then 15 and it didn’t make sense not to complete it. But I think I was still paying off the effects of yesterday’s weight training session as my legs never felt fresh. I managed a short spurt with only a few hundred metres to go, kidding myself I could make up for my earlier stop.

So not the fastest run and mostly a good way off the pace I need for that sub 50 min 10k on Easter Sunday. But I really can’t be too displeased with that. It’s training after all, not racing. And my legs are definitely telling me that today, that was probably the best I could do.

11k in 61 mins
1. 5.07
2. 5.37
3. 5.37
4. 6.12 (dust in my eye)
5. 5.42
6. 5.42
7. 5.17
8. 5.23
9. 5.26
10. 5.33
11. 5.16

Author: The Scribbler

I'm a writer, based in the North East of England. In my working life I give a human voice to business communications. As well as writing, reading and language, I enjoy running and triathlons and I often write about races and events in the North East

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