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10 March 2010

Fastest 10k of the year so far

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I’m loving this spring weather for running. Dry and bright, cool enough to be comfortable and just the merest breeze. Tuesday’s regular lunchtime run switched to Wednesday, I meet my best running buddy in the car park and we’re off.

The first kilometre feels relatively easy paced and we keep up the flow of conversation. Out and down along the main roads, it’s not the prettiest of routes, but it flies by at first.

Turning into the sun and up a slight incline and I actually start to feel warm, so it’s a welcome relief when we turn away from the main streets down some shadier paths, even though it means slowing to dodge a few pedestrians.

My favourite bit of this route takes us around pass the golf course along by the stream. Running with trees and water beside me always lifts my spirits and I need it here, as my legs are starting to flag. My glutes feel tight and Ian encourages me to stretch out and push on forwards.

I still drift off the pace, or kid myself I’m keeping it up because my breathing’s gone patchy. Easing out the breaths, slowing it down, but trying to keep the legs turning over I find a second wind again.

Trying not to think too much, keeping up the chat as best I can, but by now I’m mainly thinking about my breathing. There are still moments of doubt, where my head bounces me from a mental kerbstone, but they pass fleetingly and we push on.

Trying to run shoulder to shoulder, constantly fighting the urge to drop back. Just keep it going. As we approach the last kilometre, I’m desperate to hear that Garmin beep.

Taking the longer way back to the car park, trying to pick up the pace. Allowing my breath to get patchy, not far to go now. A glance at the distance and there are mere hundreds of metres to go. Push on, push on, not far now. Still my legs won’t move as fast as I’d like. My sprinter’s breath is failing. And there’s the beep that marks the finish.

A toughie, but a good run. It’s hard to sit still at my desk for the rest of the afternoon.

Stats and stuff
10k in 53.20
1. 4.54
2. 5.03
3. 5.13
4. 5.29
5. 5.15
6. 5.21
7. 5.30
8. 5.29
9. 5.32

If I can just get my pace up for the second half, that 50min PB doesn’t seem so far out of reach. Another couple of good solo runs to give me some self confidence and then the adrenaline of the race and picking off other runners…it’s going to be a close one.

Just three weeks to go. Can I do it?


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