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2 March 2010

Having a serious word with myself

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I ran 10k today in 55.14 and I’m not happy about it because that’s the kind of speed I’ve been running since January and I thought I’d see some improvement by now

Right, now I’ve got my harumphy sulk out of the way, let’s have a more rational look at things.

What did I like about this run?
It was warm and sunny and bright with very little wind
I ran it and I haven’t run 10k since 20th February
I did it on my own
I remembered the route, and running the slightly longer way back to work makes it a perfect 10k distance
I got a stitch just after 1km and ran it off
I had to have a serious word with myself about 2/3km in (and I mean a serious word), and was going to let myself off with 8km, but stuck it out
The nice path away from the road along by the golf course
The fact that my legs are telling me I ran that quite hard

What didn’t I like so much?
Having to have a serious word with myself
Not taking advantage of the nice flat bits to stretch out my stride
Overanalysing and fretting most of the way round
The pavementy/roadside bits (most of the route…)
My stride feeling short – not stretched out
A little niggle in my right thigh on the way back – probably just a bit of windchill, but edging on ITB territory
My confidence levels. Feeling like I was in danger of talking myself out of it right at the beginning and extrapolating that into doubts about whether I can reach my sub 50 min 10k goal (srsly – what’s that all about)

Okay. So every run is worth something. And that run was worth it because I did complete it and I needed to run the distance after a bit of a mediocre training week. And it is just training – it’s not my target race.

But the speed thing is bothering me a bit. After deciding the volume of training on my plan was a bit much, I’ve dropped one of my interval sessions. I know I need to go faster, and I know I can go faster. So I’m wondering if it would be better to do a shorter run, say 6-8k and concentrate on the speed.

I feel like I drop back into that nice 5:30/km pace that will see me very nicely round a half marathon, but that I can’t convince myself to push it to the 5:00/km pace that will get me round my 10k in my target time. It’s like I’m afraid of it. But when I’m doing it, it feels great, really exhilarating. Exhausting, tough and mentally draining – yes. But it’s there, it’s in my legs sometimes, especially when I’m running with somebody, challenging and pushing me on.

I know I think too much and my best runs happen when I stop thinking and just act instinctively and smile. Thank goodness for this space where I can dump my thoughts and leave them behind for the next run.

Stats and stuff:
10km in 55.14
pace: 5.31
1. 05.00
2. 05.19
3. 05.39
4. 05.31
5. 05.15
6. 05.26
7. 06.01
8. 05.43
9. 05.38
10. 05.33



  1. Hey sweetie – don’t forget all you’ve achieved!!!!! You’ve inspired me back into running again. You’ll probably all of a sudden have a spurt. You’re putting so much effort in, all this training -it counts!!!!!! Xxxx


    Comment by Katie bryson — 3 March 2010 @ 22:51 | Reply

    • Aww, thanks hun. I know I’m quite tough on myself sometimes when it comes to training and honestly I do try to see the positive side of it. This time last year I would have been chuffed just to have done it! And racing’s very different from training.

      Good to know I inspired someone. I think that might be part of my next challenge.

      Sent from my iPhone


      Comment by The Scribbler — 3 March 2010 @ 23:15 | Reply

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