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18 February 2010

Sub 50min 10k – training week 2 (10k flat run)

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After my long run (10k) on Saturday I had to go off plan for a couple of days, which meant no training at all on Sunday or Monday.

On Tuesday I caught up with my favourite running buddy, Ian, with the intention of a fast flat 10k. It was fast and flat alright and almost 10k (9.77 for those who are counting). But it was a bit of a strange one, so I want to try and remember it in case the experience is useful.

I was too warm for a start – long tights, long sleeve top and short sleeve top and it was surprisingly mild and not windy at all. I wasn’t uncomfortably warm, just a reminder that I can start layering down again.

The first couple of km felt okay and we were talking away as we normally do. But every so often I’d get a strange feeling in my stomach, kinda queasy and uncomfortable. I’ve never had that out on a run before.

We altered our boring old road route, trying to find a perfect 10k and a nice bit away from the roads but still on tarmac paths. Somewhere along the way my Garmin warned me that it was running out of space for data, so I was wondering if I’d get to the end of the run with no idea how I’d done. And the queasy feeling kept coming and going. Sometimes I was fine and then I’d get a few moments when I thought I’d have to stop.

But with Ian saying ‘Show me what you’re made of’, I kept pushing on and managed to shake off the stomach pains, only to have my legs go strangely jelly like. It was as though I’d lost all feeling in them for a while. They just didn’t feel like my legs. But my breathing was good and when I had my head right I kept on going.

But that little voice just kept on piping up and in the end I had to say “I need to stop”. It was my head that stopped me. The other symptoms were manageable, but I just needed to stop and give myself a moment to mentally reset.

In all I probably paused for less than a minute, but I’ve never done that before on a run with Ian (thanks largely to a mixture of pride and bloody mindedness). And we picked it up again and ran for home, even pushing on hard for the last few hundred metres.

So you’re probably thinking, put that one down to experience, don’t worry about it. But despite all that it was a good run.

9.77km in 51.39
1. 4.14
2. 5.10
3. 4.58
4. 5.31
5. 5.22
6. 5.28
7. 5.33
8. 5.39
9. 5.38
10. 4.02

So lessons learned – don’t write off a run until you get to the end and it’s good to run with a buddy you trust (but I knew that already).

I’m not going to fret about why I felt a bit weird and wobbly unless it happens again. In all likelihood I probably needed a bigger bowl of porridge for breakfast. But I am going to remember that I can pull out a good run even when I’m not feeling 100%.

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  1. I like this article. I just started running and have been learning a lot about what my head is saying from what my body is saying. They are two total different animal.


    Comment by Victor L. — 26 January 2012 @ 09:18 | Reply

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