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11 February 2010

Sub 50 min 10k – training week 1

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I have an 8 week training plan to take me to my next 10k and my target of a shiny new PB. The plan has two interval sessions and two 10kish runs in each week and means I’m running several days on the bounce, which I haven’t done for some time.

Sunday wasn’t an official training day, but I went out with no goals or expectations, just a run to clear my head. If I felt bad I’d stop, but I took it easy and felt fine, and everyone along the route gave me a smile. So I managed a respectable 10k in 55 mins.

Monday I did my first intervals session – 0.5k run, 0.5k recovery x5. And that was okay, apart from me forgetting to stop the Garmin and clocking up a whole 5 hours and my car journey home. The run was circa 27/28 mins.

Tuesday was supposed to be a 10k and it’s usually the day I’m joined by a running buddy. But I was on my own this week and really not feeling it. I practically talked myself out of it after 500m and a puddle.

I was doing constant deals with myself throughout, get to that landmark then ease off, run 4km out and 4 back and if you feel up to it, do a lap of the building. Basically my head was a mess and I let myself off with a 6k and a fair few moments walking. But that’s okay, I’m not going to beat myself up about being a bit down at the moment.

I didn’t sleep too well on Tuesday night and was tempted to give myself Wednesday off. But I took my kit into work in the hope that I’d pick myself up again. Checking to see if I had been successful in the Great North Run ballot and finding I had, gave me a real lift.

And then another runner in my office spotted me heading off with my kit bag, so we ran intervals together. A couple of weeks ago, she said I pushed her pace on. Today she kept me going – especially when I miscounted and thought we’d finished and then Gerty the Garmin let out another set of bleeps.

Wednesday night’s boxercise was circuit style and tough, particularly the push ups and burpees. But I had a good punching partner and just about kept going through to a punishing complex at the end.

Thursday is my regular PT session down on the beach. Always a reason to start the day with a smile, even though it was bitter cold with a Baltic wind this morning. But we had a clean stretch of sand and blue skies above us. My cheeks were soon as pink as the clouds after a kettlebell warm up that would have been a tough main workout not so long ago.

Ian’s trying to mix things up as I’m doing some kettlebell training on my own at home now. So this week he dragged out the dreaded backpack, loaded with 1 stone in weight and put me through my paces boot camp style.

Squat jumps, shuttle runs, split lunges, shuttle runs, wall push ups, shuttle runs, tricep dips, shuttle runs – and just when my legs and breath were completely shot, a quick run up the stone steps and back. Oh and I did that three times. Talk about a whole body blast.

So tonight I feel like I’ve earned my rest. And I don’t feel too bad for wolfing down a couple of organic sausages at tea time. I may regret them when I go for my weigh in tomorrow though.


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