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8 February 2010

Farewell my littlest sister

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Dearest Ava,

I can’t remember the first two times I was told “You’ll be getting a new baby brother or sister”. But there can’t be that many 38 year olds who get to hear those words. And in your case, I laughed, and giggled the rest of the night at the craziness of it. That my dad, in his 50s was going to go through all the nappies and bibs and bottles with his second wife, and us three kids would be a team of four.

We’re all grown ups, your brother and sisters, with lives of our own and some of us live far away. But we got to hear how you were getting on. Got to find out you were in fact a she and you had a name.

Just a few days ago I was laughing and joking with your daddy about his latest keep fit campaign, saying you’d be keeping him on his toes.

So it’s cruel, beyond cruel that I’ll never get to kiss your cheek or hold your hand, my love. That you’ve been taken from a family that had so much love to offer. A family that still burns bright with the joy of our last new arrival, your nephew who is now 8 years old.

I just want to rage at the senslessness of it. But, had we met, I know you’d have inspired me to tenderness. So instead I wrote your name in the sand and blew you a tender kiss over the waves.

Dearest Ava, you never got to meet your crazy family, but believe me when I say you are much loved and you’ll always be my sister in my heart.

Love, big sis xxx


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