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26 January 2010

Tough 9

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I was brimming with confidence for today’s run. A decent solo run on Saturday and a couple of good swims and I felt like I was back on form and much more settled in my head now I’ve decided to put all my efforts into my next 10k race.

I meet up with Ian and we’re off and the pace is hot, faster than I’m used to and I’m trying to settle my breathing, find a rhythm.

And I fought it pretty much the whole way round. Today it just felt like I was putting in more effort than I was getting back in return. It never felt smooth and zen like and it was all in my breathing and my head.

I had to constantly think deep breaths, in and out, control it, ease it to stop the panicky catch. I had to keep on reminding myself to stretch out, lengthen the pace.

At least four times I really wanted to stop. I was even grateful when the traffic meant we had to jog on the spot before crossing the road. But I didn’t stop. I ploughed on and kept on trying to catch him and keep up.

And he was being his usual brilliant coach, and lord knows I was trying to stay positive, but it was hard going. We were aiming for a fast 10k, but my mean old Garmin only gave me a 9, against my Nike’s 10.

I felt the rush of adrenaline when I finished and was pleased I hadn’t completely caved in, but I’m quite tough on myself and I thought I’d managed a similar pace on Saturday when I felt reasonably comfortable.

Quick shower and back to my desk for salmon, veggies and couscous that didn’t hit the sides. Good job there was nothing too taxing this afternoon, just some copy checking and edits, as I was a bit zonked out and shivery. It took a hot chocolate to sort me out.

Back at home I’m still trying to sort out how I feel about today’s run. It was tough, yes. And scary, because I have to run faster than that and more sustained if I want to get that sub 50 10k. And actually comparing the real stats and splits, I ran a lot harder and faster than I did on Saturday, so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.

But that’s good, because it stops me getting too cocky. It’s a reminder that I’ve set myself a challenging goal and it won’t be easy to reach it. And I’ll have to push myself, and sometimes that will be hard. Right now I’m wondering how on earth I managed 51.55 in my last 10k back in November.

But think back and remember when practically every run was tough like that. Or more recently when every swim was like that. When every breath was a challenge and every step or stroke a small victory.

I can do it. I know I’ll get the best training and advice and support I can from Ian. And I know it’s there in myself now I have the focus and determination and desire. And I know there will be tough days, when it doesn’t go right and the doubts creep in. But those are the moments that count, that make you appreciate the times when it all goes well, and everything feels smooth and easy.

I’m just paying my dues.

9km in 47.33

1. 4.32
2. 5.08
3. 5.10
4. 5.27
5. 5.06
6. 5.25
7. 5.39
8. 5.30
9. 5.25


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