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9 January 2010

I’ve changed…

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So, my first target race isn’t until April and I’m not training for a marathon. I’ve run 2.7 miles this week in the snow, done half a boxercise session (before they decided to close the gym), a full hour PT session on the beach, had a wee swim and a couple of good 30 min walks in the snow.

So why am I driving myself nuts over the fact I haven’t run today?

With Christmas and this white stuff I haven’t managed to fit in a long run (10k ish) for a few weeks. So the option was there today, and quite frankly, I dithered. Fresh snow on the ground, bright blue skies, nowhere particular to be, and I didn’t get my trainers on. I pottered around the house this morning, looking at the sky thinking, “I’ll get out for a run in a bit”.

But by the time I was set, the wind had picked up and the skies were threatening more snow. So I decided to be cautious. Get wrapped up and take a walk to my local shops to pick up some ingredients so I could make soup, and get an idea of the wind chill factor.

A lovely walk through the snow, extended down onto the beach, and I was still undecided. At times my cheeks were freezing as the wind slapped them, but mostly I was warm and snuggly under my layers.

At least I’d shrugged off the threat of cabin fever and wore out my legs a little. So I’m thinking, “Run tomorrrow. Outdoors if it’s not too icy, indoors if there’s no other choice.”

And now there’s soup on the stove, about half an hour of daylight left, and I’m still asking myself if I made the right decision.

So what do I do?

A 1.4 mile run, made up of a joglet down to the beach and a quick once along the sands and back.

1.44 miles in 13.31 mins – 8.31, 5.00

It was a lot colder out there than when I was dithering earlier. And the icy wind coming over the waves made me glad that I wore my hat.

My home-made soup is just as tasty and warm as I hoped. And I’m a lot happier 🙂


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