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5 January 2010

A mini adventure

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Today my car decided that when it grows up it wants to be a convertible.

He dropped both windows, just as I was tootling along the dual carriageway in a light snow shower.

And then he did it again. And again. And several times on my way into work. Came in handy when the lovely fellas that help clear the roads around my workplace were directing me to the freshly shovelled car park. But most of the rest of the time, it was a bit distracting.

Snow covered trees

Snow scene

He played a cheeky game of ‘will he, won’t he’ when I parked him up. Windows eventually stayed up on about the fourth attempt.

I kept my beady eye on him when I could. Checked him before I went for a run at lunchtime and on my way back in.

Oh yes I went for a run in the snow and it was fab. Took a route out on snowy trails through a local nature reserve that looks like Narnia at the moment and it was lovely.

I bumped into another runner just as I was getting my kit, so we kept each other company. Nice to run again with no particular target or plan – just a decent run out and back in the time we had. Not particularly fast or far, just 2.7 miles in 27 minutes, but a great work out for the legs in the snow. And my first run of the year. Woohoo!

We had a decent snow shower in the afternoon, so I went out to check Mr wanna-be-convertible again and he was behaving himself.

But at some point between around 3.30 and 5pm he must have felt restless again. So when I went out this evening, there was a lovely pool of snow in my passenger seat. Like I’d given Mr Frosty a lift and left the heaters on ;-(

Cue a journey home playing window roulette and a trip to the garage in the morning.


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